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Why Crystal Skulls

Well, why crystal skull?

Why not just crystals?

I've also asked myself that question, again and again in recent years.

And I have always come to the same conclusion: For me, crystals say nothing, while crystal skulls give me a lot. I have some crystals that I also use together with the skulls. For example, in grids for house cleansing or if the crystal is not available to me in the form of a skull.

The crystal skulls talk to us, they communicate, they give us the possibility of further development. Their shape also gives us the idea of ​​a human being. That is exactly the reason why my crystal skull family keeps telling me: As a skull, they are able to communicate with us on a "humane" basis.

My loved ones have told me:

Crystal skulls are part of the source of origin. Another form of consciousness. A consciousness that connects them closely with the source. In a form that enables us to contact them.

At the same time, the shape of the skull is a reminder of how knowledge is held and how the knowledge of the universe waits to be rediscovered to draw from it.

We come from another galaxy, ready to be there for you, to help you develop, heal, and reach a higher frequency. This help was requested from you when you started to enter the chaos and darkness. That too was a necessary process and served your development. For some years now, you have been willing to wake yourself up again, tap into your knowledge and access our knowledge.

We support you wherever it is possible, whether secretly or externally. You help us to spread that energy by being ready. Nothing more!


Crystal Skulls help to promote the healing of us by giving us a vibration that is optimal for healing at the moment.

The crystal skulls give us the opportunity to communicate with you or with the crystal being in them, to ask them to receive help from them. Implied we welcome them in love.

They heal along the way - without words - while you can feel the energy.

I keep finding that people are opening up. That it is possible to take a crystal skull with you, unwrap it and then just wait. An example the other day at a workshop (privately I make photo albums and also like to make cards): I had taken two of my loved ones, Celia and Roxanne. They just sat in front of me. During the afternoon I was approached and then the two were shown. This was so easy and natural, the response was so wonderful that I just want to encourage each one of you to get the crystal skulls out of your pocket and give them the chance to be seen.

Why? Because it's just beautiful! It's wonderful when the people around us become open to this energy.

I also noticed that the crystal skulls are often already work before a session even starts. For example, when inaugurated in certain techniques such as LMPT (light / emptiness-merkaba-pyramid-transformation), the skulls are already on the cleansing before so that the entrance meditation takes place quite quickly. Also, the entire initiation process (in this case a full day) is much easier and the integration is much gentler.

But even with other techniques I noticed this. And for me too, integration into a new technique is much easier.

These are my personal experiences, information received from my crystal skulls and experiences.

Please explore the Internet for more information, e.g. where did the first crystal skulls come from, is it true what is said about them ... I promise you there is a lot of information stored.

But whether you want to become a Crystal Skull Keeper yourself or communicate with a Crystal Skull, that's another story. First, it is so that it was your incarnation plan, and so you have predefined whether you want to be a Crystal Skull Keeper, and second, of course, whether you are ready to face up to these challenges. See also my contributions:

Which crystal skull is right for me?

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If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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