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Which Crystal Skull is the right one for me?

First of all, please be aware that you will find a crystal skull that would like to see you.

The Crystal Skull has a job for you to fulfill, you maybe a task for him. Or more.

As crystal skull guardian you are aware that you are goint to challenge yourself. More about the tasks of a Crystal Skull Keeper you will find in this blog post: What does a Crystal Skull Keeper actually do?

So this is not about the crystal but about the being that is connected to your crystal skull, dragon, unicorn or Merlin.

In this case, your intuition, your gut feeling is in demand.

It may be that you "think" it should be a rock crystal, after all, you want to have clarity. However, none of the skulls on eBay, Amazon or the various shops on Facebook or on the Internet offer the "right". So you feel no energy that finds its way to you.

However, you may notice that it is another skull, which, so to speak, catches your eye. He is present, he shimmers, he is already talking to you. That's the right skull. Even on the Internet, even with just one picture.

Maybe you also have the opportunity to take a skull in your hand. Feel the energy. We think it makes things easier, this is not the case. Just because I can pick up a skull does not make the selection any easier. Sometimes even harder. I have already noticed this with many of my customers. They felt attracted by so many skulls that we had to go into the meditative phase to clarify which skull it should be.

The second thing that may be important is that you want a crystal skull that is really a crystal and not a fake. See also my contribution to the topic How are crystal skulls made? My dealer is unfortunately not immune, because the traders usually buy from trustworthy sources, but even here it can sometimes come to an error. Please neither the dealer nor you should be angry, this can happen. I can not distinguish crystals, the essence is important to me. Therefore, I would not make myself available as an expert on a "real" crystal.

Also on eBay it can happen that the description does not match the actual stone. Also, I have ever set things on eBay and the function has not accepted my changes or falsified. I saw the result only days later.
But I understand you want a good, pure, energetically beautiful skull. Right?

Here are the dealers where I already ordered skulls. If you still want to have a few others to choose from, please send me an email via the contact form.

  • my first dealer was Birgit Hable from FREIRÄUME
  • Kristallschädelzauber
  • Sanari's Light Sanari has developed the Light Childs u.v.m. and she has close contact with the carver.
  • A Wilson, Walmere or Leandro da Souza are always a great choice.
  • There will surely be added more carvers and names gradually.

It can also happen that you invite a skull into your house and the skull would like to travel on immediately. This has already happened to me and it is not uncommon. Also look in my post My crystal skull would like to move, what now?

I advise you to "free up" your head, to rely completely on your feelings and to perceive with open-mindedness. Then you will quickly find the right crystal skull. Also be aware that then a whole family can arrive. If you feel that you can welcome more than one crystal skull in your family, then trust the feeling.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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