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What is a main Crystal Skull and how do I know it?

The question of whether I need a crystal skull as the main skull I had asked me right at the beginning and I can only partially answer.

When I started welcoming crystal skulls to my family, I thought that the first Crystal Skull was the main skull. Forever! After more than a year, Lobos has come to me and has introduced himself as my main skull. Aaron-Ku-Nah, my first crystal skull, just sighed and said: At last she got it.

Lobos is my main skull for a long time, together with Cosima who represents him so to speak when I'm traveling with him. Except she is there too. Then the cuties settle this already under themselves, grins.

In addition, I always have a current herd. That's why I call it that because it's usually a special group that's been on the dates for quite some time. A good year ago, for example, Iyesha, Merlin, Ash'a'ya, Lobos and Cosima.

So what is a main skull?

I would say from the feeling that a main skull, so to speak, has the troops under control. More dominant. To be regarded as a very reliable companion, sets the tone. Stands in the middle and observes, gives suggestions, if I do not know how to continue. It just stands out more than the other skulls.

Since November 2017, it is my feeling there are four skulls that always attract attention and are the main skulls. The feeling is different than in a herd. In a herd, it varies faster. But these four are working very hard at the moment, more present than ususal. I have to say that I work very emotionally and on the "I know" level. These are my strongest perception senses.

Cosima (self-love), Lobos (trust, to open up and release emotions), Shenaya (give love and strengthen dreams), Jesparian (release, solve karma, dissolve traumata)

This constellation has opened up during my spiritual burnout. I have the feeling that my decision to close the business or to reorient my business had a strong influence on it. Just as I feel that this is not the end. Rather, that still a big skull finds its way here. One that belongs to the older or even ancient skulls. Which I will report of course.


A main skull is not necessarily the first skull that arrives with me. In addition, I resonate more with him / her, he / she is also very present. More present than the other skulls. Most of the time he / she is everywhere. If this skull remains for ever the main skull is not to say with certainty, that can change.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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