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What does a Crystal Keeper actually do?

The duties of a Crystal Skull Keeper include:

  • To be hands and feet for our new family members
  • to have an open ear for what the crystal skulls want to tell us
  • to get out of the comfort zone if necessary (such as creating a map deck, opening a blog, etc.)

So basically very simple, right?

There would even be the possibility to have various trainings as crystal skull guardion, e.g. make a stronger connection to the skull, apply certain symbols, etc. I've been through some of these trainings and I'm still not quite sure about it (even though I've invested a lot of money)

But again, I have experienced that, as soon as people had the first connection with their crystal skull, they knew what to do. Because this is different from person to person.

Not everyone will be in the limelight, publishing books, selling crystal skulls and accessories or offering webinars. There are possibilities to use the crystal skulls "quietly and secretly". Be it that you take one or more with you to visit friends, maybe even unwrap them and everyone may take the energy (well, everyone appreciates the want and not "you NEED to feel the energy"). Or use the crystal skull for your own healing. To be advised from the crystal skulls on how we can behave in terms of health, what food we should eat, what sport is good for us etc.

The frequency is definitely increased by a crystal skull in our house. And yes, please do yourself a favor and talk to your new family member. Because then you get a close connection that can be absolutely fulfilling.
It is important that you realize that a crystal skull is not a decoration but a fully integrated family member.

By the way, the crystal skulls like to bathe in a warm amethyst bath, to recharge their batteries in the garden at full moon and to carry out earth healing. In another blog post I report about our travel experiences in the US with the crystal skulls, dragons, unicorns and Merlin.

Otherwise, I ask you to trust your feeling! Take your time when your new family member arrives, take the time to explore what's up. See also my blog post: My crystal skull has arrived, what now?

The rest will come by itself. I trust that the crystal skulls (if lovingly handled) already know exactly what and when to do something! Then maybe you will eventually hear a voice calling from a corner: "Here, take me with you!"

Curious but not sure if crystal skulls are for you? In my blog post "crystal skulls are something I want" , I answer some questions about this.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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