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The First Crystal Skulls

Whenever I search for crystal skulls in the search engines, I see the most diverse information.

Some say that the old crystal skulls are fake like the Mitchell-Hedges skull. That was obviously confirmed by scientific investigations.

Other studies have "confirmed" that the first skulls are products of the Central or South American high cultures, e.g. Inca, Maya or Aztec.

My feeling as well as the message of my crystal skulls says: They came from other galaxies and they are here on earth to help us evolve.

Furthermore: There are 13 skulls that were given to 12 guardians during the downfall of Atlantis and were then buried or hidden. Because the knowledge from the crystal skull should be protected and abuse avoided. This is not quite successful, some have actually been used for the dissemination of negative energy. The skulls have suffered from this and, after they have reappeared, are also in need of healing.

Some skulls have long been used in rituals (unless they have been buried) and gradually reappeared. As far as my present information is, some have already reappeared: Corazon de Luz, Amy, Maya Crystal Skull, Max, ET, Rose Quartz, Brazilian Crystal Skull, Atlantean, Sha Na Ra, Mitchell Hedges and the Skulls at the Louvre, Smithonian Museum, Washington , DC and the British Museum.

Despite all research and scientific investigations, in my opinion no one knows for sure where the first crystal skulls came from.
Of course, the question arises: "Is that important?"

Personally, I do not think it matters where the first crystal skulls came from, albeit it is incredibly fascinating. It is much more important what contact we have with crystal skulls, what method of working we aim for. How we treat them and what we do with the knowledge and gifts entrusted to us.

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All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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