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The Crystal Skull world – some knowledge for you

The crystal skull world is something nice. Often we ask ourselves the question, if and what we should do with a crystal skull. What is worth knowing, which I now have to implement as a crystal skull guard.

First of all: there is no MUST - only one CAN. Please free yourself from constraints. Of course, no crystal skull should be in a box in the back corner of the cabinet, and yet there are examples that even this works. Max is such an example.

Here I have some things together that may quench your thirst for knowledge:

The First Crystal Skulls

Why Crystal Skulls

How are Crystal Skulls made?

Are Crystal Skulls something I want?

What does a Crystal Skull Guardian?

Which Crystal Skull is the right one for me?

My Crystal Skull arrived, and now?

Help, my Crystal Skull isn't talking to me!

What is a main Crystal Skull and how do I know it?

Techniques to use with Crystal Skulls

Meditation with Crystal Skulls

My Crystal Skulls wants to move to another guardian, and now?

Sa Nari's Light Childs and Star beings

Travels with the Crystal Skulls in US

Travels to the mid-west with the Crystal Skulls

Difference between Dragons, Unicorns, Merlin and Crystal Skulls

The crystal skulls and I hope that we could give you an idea what it means to have crystal skulls in your life.

If you still have suggestions and wishes I look forward to a comment or a message.

Have fun

Kerstin Ajasha and the crystal skulls

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