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Techniques to use with Crystal Skulls

The techniques with the crystal skulls were not really appealing to me at the beginning. I hesitated if it was that easy, but I can assure you: It's that easy!

I have already used these techniques with the crystal skulls:

  •     meditation
  •     Meditations in a group
  •     Readings
  •     Chakra cleansing
  •     Aura-clearing
  •     House clearing
  •     Healing for Mother Earth
  •     special wishes and healing, thematic support


  • For this I have already reported in another post. It is very easy to meditate with the skulls and I encourage you to do it every day.

Meditation in a group:

  • For this I put my hand on one of my skulls, mostly my main skull Lobos, and channel the meditation. I let myself be guided by the feelings that I then translate into words.


  • My skulls are in the same room with me, it is usually a chosen group, leaving the selection to the skulls. When the question is asked, I associate myself with the skull, the higher self of my client, family member or friend and give the information I receive.
  • Another form of reading is done by the crystal skull card deck. More information about the map deck can be found here: How to use the map deck of the Crystal SkullsOpen in a new window

Chakra clearing:

  • When my customers are on site they can choose the skulls they want for the chakra clearing. They should choose intuitively. For the healing over distance I choose the skulls.
  • Due to the crystal, I have a general overview of each chakra. However, I let the skulls act individually, ask for information for my customer and forward these information afterwards.

Aura clearing:

  • The same applies as for the chakra clearing, except that here we treat the different layers of the aura, solve many blockages, and in addition to the information I receive, I cleanse the aura with a shamanic technique. Together with the skulls, we fill the aura with golden energy to close the holes created by the blockade cleaning.

House clearing:

  • For this I put the dragons, unicorns, Merlin and crystal skulls on a cloth on the floor, decorate mostly with some crystals. This creates a grid that holds the energy. In addition, I write the address on a piece of paper, the special request if desired also. I put this note in the middle. Ignite the candles, smoke if desired by my crystal skulls and usually I

Healing for Mother Earth

  • Already in Hamburg I set up my skull in my garden and held one or the other "meeting". As well as participating in some dates with acquaintances. Also during our holiday in the southwest of England I looked for places of strength and set up the skull there.
  • During our time in the US, I put the crystal skulls in our vacation to the place that was important to them at that moment. For example, at Yosemite Park in California, we intuitively found a parking lot that was wonderfully quiet and gave us a wonderful view of the park. While we parked there, the "voice" or request to get the two skulls I took with me came out NOW. They were allowed to enjoy the silence as well and I gave them their time. When we hit the famous destinations, I realized why it was important NOW. I encourage you to follow your intuition. It does not always have to be the familiar and famous areas. The crystal skulls also work very well from unknown areas!
  • The goal here is earth healing. To give Mother Earth more power, to lead beings into the light, to purify the area from negative vibrations and so on. You can smoke it, but you do not have to.
  • Here are some more insights from our travels through USA.

Special wishes and healings, Thematic support:

  • To do this I place the crystal skulls in a combination of their choice in a separate location, make a note and light a candle. Sometimes I use incense. Then I let the skulls work. As you can see in this picture it was quite straightforward, but the effect was amazing!

If you like one of the mentioned treatments I would like to have your treatments booked via this blog under Downloads and Services

can let the whole thing run its course. I often take pictures of the session and send them to my clients.

Questions or suggestions, please comment here or send me a message via the contact formOpens in a new window

All the love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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