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Self Love

Self Love

Everyone talks about self-love, but what does that mean and why is it so important to us:

Self-love is your battery

When we love our self, we are recharging our battery over and over again. Then we can develop a power and dynamism that other romp along. Then we can give endless love without exhaustion.

Self-love means loving oneself

unconditionally! No ifs and buts. And has nothing to do with selfishness. But so that you may allow yourself to accept yourself as you are, that you love yourself as you are. Your appearance, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Self-love needs self-care

Taking good care of oneself is important in order to find oneself, to recognize oneself. These include e.g. the so-called ME-Time, time for yourself where you either pursue your hobby or go into nature. Time in which you can refuel and only take care of you.

Self-love also means being aware of oneself

What strengths and weaknesses do you have, do you know who you are, can you get a picture of yourself and describe it for yourself? That means you are aware of yourself. Once you know who you are, you can love each other.

Self-love means Self Appriciation

e.g. how do you handle yourself, how do you speak to yourself, can you say NO? To appreciate yourself is to be aware that it is important to do only the things you really want to do. It also means to accept the weaknesses and strengths and to determine their own value.

Self-love involves self-compassion

When did you last have compassion with you? No, do not pity, that would mean you have suffered, but how did you feel. Did you allow yourself emotions and give them the space to explore them?

Self-love lets the helper syndrome go

Of course, you can help other people, if you love yourself, then you let the others ask you if you have time, if you can help etc. Self-love means to be aware that our energy is only perceived as helping if we have been asked to help

Self-love means to be free of expectations

Expectations towards others or ourselves means putting pressure on others or ourselves. Expectations from others towards us puts pressure on us. If we free ourselves from expectations, we have taken an important step towards self-love. Because only we are responsible for ourselves and our lives.

Gladly I help you in my Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching to come into your self-love and thus into your own power.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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