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Self compassion

The first time I came into contact with self-compassion in early 2018. Thanks to the explanations of my coach I could understand why it was so difficult for me to come into self-love.

We do know compassion

When it comes to other people, we can empathize with them, we can help them, acknowledge the feelings of others, be able to deal with them and even make changes for these people only by acknowledging their feelings.

We hug our fellow human beings, give them understanding words, encourage them to take the next steps.

Do we know our feelings?

Mostly not that deeply. Mostly we are not honest and open up with ourselves. And we do not allow ourselves the feelings. Because you do not show that, you're not like that, clench your teeth and go through it, that's it, that was wrong, do something right and much more

We do not give ourselves understanding words, not to mention encouragement.

Self-compassion is expectation free

We expect so much from us, often way too much. And then we feel completely exhausted, have no more time to recharge our batteries.

Self-compassion is being respectful to me

How do you talk to you? Do you allow yourself to say: I'm fine, I look good, that's all good as I do?

Be respectful to yourself, allow yourself compliments from yourself and others, hug you from time to time. Meditate with appropriate exercises (here a link to a YouTube video) I

  •     Talk to you as to a good friend.
  •     Talk to you lovingly!
  •     Be patient with you!
  •     Allow yourself time off!
  •     Hug you!

Self-compassion is part of self-love

To come into self-love has many facets. One of them is to feel oneself, to better perceive oneself and to be compassionate towards oneself.

With pleasure I help you in my Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching to develop the self-compassion and thus come into your own power.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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