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Resonance or what I want to learn

This topic covers a wide spectrum, it is about resonance, our learning tasks and the mirror law. Each a piece to look at and yet together.

Learning tasks

Those are the tasks I have chosen as a soul for this incarnation. For that, before I was born into this incarnation, I made an exact plan, my soul plan.

To make the experiences I want to do make during this incarnation. For example, to learn to value myself more, to learn self-love, to dissolve karma, to work with crystal skulls, to experience many other emotions, especially sadness, joy, fear and anger.

In order to achieve this I have chosen exactly to which minute on which day I would like to be born in which family.

And all the other souls who are playing a role in my life or who are going to play a role, they know at the soul level that this is true.

And then we descend into duality. The all-embracing love of the soul family is no longer noticeable.

We are born and develop. Partly through our role models aka parents (because we chose them to learn something), partly through friends, teachers, acquaintances, family members (also: we agreed with these souls that they will be in our lives)


Sometimes we despair because we meet people who push certain buttons and force us to deal with a topic. Although we may not want it.

Then we become angry or sad or aggressive. Don't understand why such people come into our lives again and again. People who wants to manipulate us, who wants to influence us, so we become the person they wants us to be, who wants to force us to perfectionism, although we do not care u.v.m.

The reactions that these people trigger in us, we should definitely take seriously. Because they show us that there is a learning topic. A topic that should be looked at and resolved by us.

Attention: this only applies if these persons actually triggers us! So we are really going into deep emotions and misunderstanding that are triggered in us. If we have already completed our learning topic we see what is happening out there (for example, people being manipulated) but it does not touch us anymore.

Understand what happens

Suppose that there is a situation in which you have the feeling that people manipulate you. The mirror law would say in the first approach that you are one of the people manipulating the other. But it goes on and it is important to me that you understand that the mirror law scratch more than just on the surface.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you have the feeling that you should be manipulated:

  • do I manipulate others?
  • do I let myself be manipulated again and again, what does that do to me? (Anger, desperation, powerlessness, helplessness, wanting to be perfect)
  • What could be the cause (in this life, from a previous life)?
  • What can I do to learn from this situation (because my counterpart, my trigger person should help me to understand)? e.g. May I learn that I have the power over my life and no one else? That I may be imperfect?

And only if I understand it in all depth with all emotions I may solve the topic.

But this person is still in my life! What now!

If you have mastered the task then you can surround it with love. E.g. do a forgiveness ritual for the person who triggered you, pushed your button(s) all the way. Be grateful that this person came into your life and helped you to solve this topic.

And then forgive yourself that you have brought this person into your life and thus have created this situation that has made you so angry and aggressive. The Hawaiian forgiveness ritual Ho'oponopono can help you with that.

The topic of resonance is almost superficially described here. If you are on a threshold and need help on the topic then book a coaching with me so we can dissolve the topic deeply.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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