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Taste the LMPT

This is a taste of the LMPT energy, not an initiation


This is a taste of the LMPT energy, not an initiation



LMPT is standing for:

  • Light

  • Merkaba

  • Pyramid

  • Transformation


LMPT is a powerful transformation system for no longer relevant behavior patterns, transformation of shock experienced before including the echoes in the body, lack of experience, fear, hunger  and more.

At the same time it can be used to dieting, e.g. Abundance / wealth, joy, happiness, together with light Libraries, soul retrieval etc. It goes beyond the known transformation systems.

Who uses this system regularly walks the path to transcend ego and to take personal responsibility for his life.

This transformation system is associated with activation of the Merkaba and thus the light body. This increases the vibration of all bodies.

I am pleased to bring you this close system with which I have made many beautiful experiences.

This is a taste of the energy, not an initiation

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