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Night school? What is that?

You may have heard of the night school one time or another ?!

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But what it means may not be clear to you ?!

It is, as the name implies, a school that takes place at night. But not by your physical presence, because these night schools sometimes take place weeks, months or even years before.

The moment we declare ourselves ready to take some training at the soul level, such as light language, LMPT or the training for the Mexican Curandera, we will be prepared by the corresponding teachers on the soul level. This is not done by an appointment with our calendars but on an energetic level which is automatic. So we have no influence on it.

At night school we learn a lot more in a much shorter time, so they are much more intense.

Maybe it has happened once or twice to you that you have met someone in a seminar or training and you thought you knew this person. So it could well be that you were together in night school. My teacher Margit mentioned sometimes that she has already experienced some of us in the night school. She knew many times who has talked a lot or made many notes or was very attentive.

So it's something very natural that happens there, always in agreement with the Higher Self that guides us here and knows what's right for us right now.

The recording for the mind and thus the linkage of the learned in the night school then happens at the appropriate seminar.

Incidentally, the original training was much longer and the preparations in the night school much more complex than it is the case in today's faster energy. Therefore, some training also takes place within a few days instead of several months or even years.

I was once allowed to experience how my teacher in the language of light perceived, that my dragon lady Rosanne participated very intensively in the seminar. Unfortunately, we did not pay enough attention in the night school and were allowed to repeat the part again and my dragon lady was there.

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All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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