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My Crystal Skull arrived, and now?

A burning question, right?

Just take it out of the box and go?

If it were that easy!

It's best to take them as quickly as possible and as carefully as possible (usually the cuties are so packed with tape, etc. that you do not have to be careful) Mine are mostly very exhausted (see photo) because the have been gone through an infinite number of hands, the whole journey wrapped and packed. How nice that these two were allowed to travel together, after all, they have been 5 1/2 weeks on the way. There were some disagreements and we actually had to do energetic and physical work to get the package out of the sinking again. In the meantime, it was even said that it should go back to the sender.

One morning I got the impulse again to check the tracking information and actually got the message from the post office (here in the US is the USPS) that the package has already arrived at the post office. At some point I had this feeling of dressing myself. The postal car already in the neighborhood on the way. Then the feeling to look on the porch, the package could already be there. What should I say: opened the door, postal car pulles forward and the postman has the package in hand. YEAH !!! So the two quickly unpacked and then we started the cleaning procedure.

Then bath in a lukewarm amethyst bath. Amethyst has the property to clean itself and is therefore ideally suited (if you have a crystal that does not tolerate water, please skip this section or place it on an amethyst gland)

After some time (perhaps 30 minutes in this case) I followed the impulse of drying. Now they looked much better:

But that is not the end of the process. Now it is time to energize. I have often read about how other skulls are charged / energized by skulls. I'm not a friend of that. M. E. Skulls are individuals that do not need to reflect the energies of each other's skulls. Therefore, I skip this point. Energizing other major skulls works by putting together the New Skull and the main skull. Then you bought an already energized skull (at least in the rule)

At some point I wrote a light language grid. How light language of Mayas / Mexican Curanderas works I describe in another blog post . This light language grid has been written for the energetic cleansing and energizing of the crystal skulls, dragons, Merlin, unicorns and all other crystals and works great. Just put your skull on this grid and then wait. Usually you can see the change after a few minutes. One of my skulls for sale was on the shelf in the shop and was very unhappy. He was really "bleak". We quickly found out that the light language grid I had provided was no longer under the shelf and therefore the energizing / energetic cleaning no longer took place. After quickly fixing that problem a few minutes later he looked much happier.

You can download the Light Language Grid on my blog and print it in any size / number: Downloads and Services and also the Detoxing-Energy and Dimensional Energy. Free!! It is important to me that this lighting language Grid is available in as many houses as possible.

Not sure if the grid is for you? Ask your crystal skull if he / she wants to sit on it. I've found. that this is the simplest option.

After the crystal skull is energized, he / she is ready for you and a first meditation or getting to know each other.

Take your time, find yourself a quiet place or take a little nap with your new family member. Other crystal skull caretakers recommend to contact only with one crystal skull at a time to get to know the energy. That's a good idea and I would think so in the beginning. At least if it feels right. Couples travel to me as well, so it can happen that both want to join. Nevertheless, I greet each one individually.

Let the energy work, do not rush anything. Hold the crystal skull on your heart chakra and welcome it in your life. Perhaps you would like to thank the crystal skull for taking the journey to you. (I'll definitely do this with my two newcomers) and then enjoy the energies first.

After a while, your crystal skull will speak, this time may take longer, please be patient. I've heard from keepers over and over again that the skulls are not talking to them and they were worried that the skull in question did not want to go to them but continue traveling. I am quite sure that the skulls would speak accordingly, so do not worry. Sometimes they only work in the background or it takes a colleague to "thaw" them. I have e.g. a Labradorite, Moosy who has been with me for years. But since the new skull Thorwald, a lava skull, has surfaced here, Moosy thaws up and also wants to participate in the action.

And so it will go on slowly with the two rams. I will report on the two in detail in my article about the ram-skulls.

Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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