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Meditation with Crystal Skulls

It's easy to meditate with the crystal skulls. It's a wonderful way for the skulls to communicate with you, to initiate healing, or to give you a "push" to change something for you.

You need a quiet room where you can retire for some time and be undisturbed, one or more crystal skulls and off you go.

Some Crystal Skull guardians are advised to work with only one skull at the beginning. I support this approach because this is the best way to get involved with the respective energy of the crystal skull (dragon, unicorn, Merlin). Over time, it will always be easier for you to connect with the skulls so that you could meditate with several of your crystal skull family together.

The best way to connect is when you have the crystal skull sitting in front of you or hold him/her with both hands. Then there are different methods that you should try to see how it is best for you.

  • Holding skull in hand and closing eyes
  • Grasp the skull into the eye sockets
  • Turn the skull over so that it points to you with the back of your head, hang up your hand and close your eyes
  • Put your hand on the skull while sitting in front of you (one or more)

For me and my skull family, the first variant is the most beautiful. Sometimes I have a skull in my hand but a whole troop sitting around me.

The fourth method putting your hand on the Skull is excellent, especially for very large skulls. Otherwise it would be very full in your hand or in your lap. I also like to use this method the first time I contact a skull, or if it's one of the famous skulls, for example. Max is one of the celebrities and he likes to visit Richmond, Virginia. Therefore, I was allowed to visit him several times. A wonderful energy!

Now it is time to be quiet, as quiet as you can. Even with the meditation options, there are so many different ways that I would advise you to find the best for you by trying out.

Especially when we have a lot to do, are stuck in the daily routine or a new project is buzzing around in the head, the thoughts are not "just resting" but continue to circle. At least that's the case with me. I always had a bad conscience, I could not meditate. But these thoughts are important, they also want to be heard / seen and therefore best to look at the thoughts, breathe calmly and wait. Patience is the magic word here.

During meditation with the Crystal Skulls, you may hear, see, or otherwise perceive something. See also my article Your sense of perception in which I explain the individual senses. Maybe nothing happens at first. That's fine, too. It then happens on another, subconscious, level.

The crystal skulls and I hope that we could give you an idea how to meditate with the crystal skulls.

If you have found a wonderful opportunity, I am pleased about a comment or a message via the contact form

All the Love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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