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LMPT – Light-Merkabah-Pyramid-Transformation

I am pleased to introduce you to this system, with which I have already had many beautiful experiences.

LMPT stands for:

  •     Light
  •     Merkabah
  •     Pyramid
  •     Transformation

LMPT is a powerful transformational system of no longer useful behaviors, transformation of experienced shock including echoes in the body, experiences of lack, anxiety, hunger, etc.

At the same time it can be used for nursing, e.g. abundance / wealth, joy, happiness, connection with the akashic records, soul recall u.v.m. Its mode of action goes beyond the known transformation systems.

Those who work with this system on a regular basis, go the way to transcend ego and take personal responsibility for his life.

This transformation system is connected to an activation of the merkaba and thus of the light body. This increases the vibration of all bodies.

In order to get out of spiritual burnout I have used a so-called cure (I send you a "cure plan" with the initiation). I inserted the appropriate topics in the health plan and then run every third day a LMPT to the topic. It was very easy to fall asleep. I lie down in bed, invoke the LMPT with the words "LMPT, Topic Confidence" and let it just work. It is an automatic system and works by itself. Possibly. I see pictures, maybe I feel something, maybe nothing happens, everything is right as it is. Since each person perceives differently the information you'll receive during an LMPT session will be accordingly.

The LMPT itself is a closed system that was transmitted by Ascended Master Merlin to my teacher Blandina Gellrich of Licht-der-Seele. She has given it to some people, a few are initiated to teach and to mediate the LMPT. As a coach, I am now also allowed to train teachers. For this you are welcome to contact me.

Since I was inducted into the LMPT, I have used it almost daily and achieved great results. My confidence in this technique is incontrovertible as it works so wonderful. Of course, sometimes more than one session is needed, e.g. when it comes to relationships. And sometimes only one LMPT session is needed and things change. For example, my motorcycle that I wanted to sell. Nothing happened for weeks, no announcement, etc. One day I decided during a nap to run the LMPT on the subject and 15 minutes later came a call and the bike was sold in the evening.

Or my relationship with family members has changed. Thanks to the LMPT I was able to see ego-free which role I played in this relationship and was able to handle it much more relaxed. That, in turn, has built up another energy field, which then worked in this relationship.

Of course, I must not be overbearing with this technique. See also my post crossing borders not? So I may for example don't do a LMPT on the subject of "my neighbor always makes so much noise", but instead a "noise is more serene to endure". For sure many things in our lives resonate, a topic we want to learn. See also this post: Resonance or what I want to learn. The LMPT helps to get a clearer alignment and to solve these resonance fields.

Therefore I can only say: I love the technique LMPT and use it whenever it is necessary to solve a problem, get answers, clean and nourish my system and much more. If you want to be initiated into this wonderful technique or maybe you want to feel a "Taste of LMPT" in advance

Incidentally, the crystal skulls are at each initiation. They hold the room and help to strengthen the integration.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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