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Light Language Grids explanation and examples

Dedicated to Esperanza and the masters in Mexico for their willingness to share their secrets, their time and energy. Light Language is an ancient knowledge of the Mayans, transmitted by Starr Fuentes.

Especially in our dense energy and through many incarnations, we have brought along many things that prevent us from fulfilling our soul mission and thus into our power.

In light language, we work with sacred geometric shapes and colors that work faster than the speed of light.

A light language grid is a grid made up of individual shapes and colors that work in the aura.

The light language is a absorbed teaching that was conveyed to me by my teachers Anneliese Flachsmeier (Hamburg) and Brook Stills (California). Absorbed teaching means that we students have been in night school over months in order to prepare us for the knowledge. It is taught infinitely faster and then we receive the download in the seminar on the aura of the teacher in our aura.

When we connect the Light Language Grid with the Higher Self of the customer, our Higher Self, and the Masters of Light Language, we can intuitively write the Grid.

Before the first programs were available, the grids were still drawn by hand. The basic forms taught in Light Language 1 were still quite simple. Of course you were not allowed to register otherwise you were allowed to start over, but as I said, it was still quite easy.

From Light Language 2 and then Light Language 3, we can choose between over 152 shapes and over 144 colors, some of them very complicated to draw. I am very grateful for the program that is available to me.

Here are the different grids:

7 shape grid

There is a personal grid for the 7 main chakras. Once you have a personal grid you can get from me a so-called stationary grid then for the practice, the office or the house / apartment is written. Attention, without a personal grid can not be written a stationary grid because then the desire for the place would be transferred to the residents. Since the personal development is eliminated and therefore this is not possible! A grid of 7 is active for 17 months and looks like this:

12 shape grid

There is the Advanced Personal Grid with 12 Chakras. Here is my grid which I have just written and which is valid for the next 17 months.
This grid is written for me in June 2018 and addresses all 12 chakras.

49 shape grid

For personal and more complex requests, a 49er grid is written, here e.g. a grid for curing panic of a dog. Since only a specific theme is used for a 49er grid, there is no need for a grid of 7 before a 49er is written. As soon as I've written a personal grid, I'm allowed to write a grid for the common good.
Here's a grid to cure HPV vaccine, the cervical cancer vaccine that made my client very sick.

Here's a grid to cure HPV vaccine, the cervical cancer vaccine that made my client very sick.

This is the crystal cleansing and energizing grid I have addressed in several posts. See also my post My crystal skull has arrived, what now?

Crystal cleansing and energizing grid

This grid was created on the subject of electrosmog.

Both grids are available for a free download

And here is a personal grid for me to solve my cravings. Because there is usually more behind than we are aware at first.

144 shape grid

For much more complex topics that require a lot of time and patience, I write a 144er grid. I must confess the process is really very long. For one of the 144 grids I've been writing for 2 years already. The effect of the respective grid is only gradual. And also for this I may write next to a personal grid just synonymous one for the community. Here are two examples:

All beings in Germany are united in unconditional Love and compassion grid!

This is my personal 144 grid that I wrote during my education at Brook Stills:

Kerstin's grounded connection with her soul and guides grid!

Since the respective energies run through my system in each case it actually takes a longer time until such a 144er grid is finished. Each Grid starts to take effect the moment we choose the headline.

If you decide to have one of the grids written for you, check out Downloads and Services here on the blog.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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