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Light and Shadow

Again and again I experience it that there are people who are afraid of a person having "shadows" around them.

What are shadows and why are they there?

Shadows are there to tell us what we want to learn. They work in our energy field and attract people who point out these shadows. The resulting work on ourselves is also understood as shadow work.

Who deals with the light in itself will soon realize that the shadows are faster when we treat them with light and love.

Basically, the shadows are things we want to learn in this life. Some also call this learning karma. That we have brought something from different incarnations what may / may be solved now. In our energy field, or even in this case, in our aura cloak that we take from incarnation to incarnation, these shadows or karmic processes are stored.

Some of them can be solved simply by watching. We may not even notice that. So, if we meet somebody who tells us seems strange and we can respond to it with love can have already solved something. This may not even be aware of us.

And then there are the "bigger" shadows, the things that we experience again and again. Time and again people in our lives who show us this. For example, Narcissistic personalities or abuses that occur again and again. Now we have to see which of the shadows we want to work off.

As a shaman, I am aware that it is a process, I also like to help through the process.

As a Crystal Skull Keeper, I am grateful that there is the support of my crystal skull family to help my clients and me to solve these shadows.

This is done by working on the aura, chakra balancing or coaching sessions.

Who is working with the light: Light is the love with which we move through our incarnation / our lives. This love is more or less pronounced. And that's because we like to judge, evaluate, depreciate or even say: This person has shadows, I do not want to have them in my field.

Yes, it is true, this person has a shadow. But when I see them, it is also my shadow that I am allowed to work on. If they do not bother me, don't trigger a reaction in me then there are also no topics in which I can work.

You could also say that shadows are the topics that I can and must work on, light is the love with which I edit these topics or that I give myself to be able to work on these topics.

And another thing: the shadow is never stronger than the light! Thus, the topic is never stronger than love!

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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