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How are Crystal Skulls made?

The question "Why crystal skull" I already explained.

Where else could the First Crystal Skull come from?

But how are today's modern crystal skulls made?

Here is a nice video how to be honed at Leandro de Souza's Crystal Skull: Leandro Crystal Skull Carving Designer

Resin or Orgonite:

These crystal skulls are poured into a mold. There is a shape for the skull and then there are the crystals (Orgonite has also the special metals and herbs) are added and the resin is then filled into the mold. These crystal skulls have a being in them.

How do I recognize a fake crystal?

Yes, that too is possible. It may happen that you think the crystal skull is actually rock crystal or amber or whatever. And then the skull appears at your home and after unpacking you realize that it is unfortunately a fake crystal. Unfortunately, I can not give you a tip except to give the seller a bad rating.

So there are the skulls that are cut by hand, like at Wilson, Walmere or Leandro de Souza and then there are the skulls made with the machine.

The carvers usually have a first contact with the stone or crystal and know how the skull should look like in the end. They can be guided through the process so that each skull can bring out its personality in the carving process.

Here I can only guess how the process works.

With me are all different types of crystal skulls, dragons and unicorns. Even Merlin has surfaced from various carvers here. Therefore, I can not say I am exclusively fan of the o.g. carvers. However, I feel the purchase when the skull was made by a carver who was not with heart and soul in the matter.

My tip to you: Choose the crystal skull that feels right for you.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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