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Help, my Crystal Skull isn’t talking to me!

Often I have heard that the contact with the skull does not take place as expected. Such as. that the skull immediately has information for the guardian, says or sets something in motion, the guardian knows what the skull wants, or why that particular crystal skull has now moved into this house into that family.

Or even that despite an initial contact there is sometime silence. Please do not get confused! And please do not expect anything! If you have done everything good to your skull, unpacked it after a the long journey, giving him or her a nice bath of amethyst or sunbathing, perhaps you have used incence and / or used the light language Grid, then give your new family member time to arrive.

After a while of recharging or regeneration, the skull is usually ready to get involved with you. Take your time (as described in this post) and make yourself comfortable. It is best to take the skull at the level of the heart chakra on your stomach and offer him / her your connection. Thank him/her, that the skull has taken the long journey to work with you. The skull will communicate with you if he / she wants it. Then you will also learn a name, thus the sex and possibly even very quickly the information why this skull wanted to be with you.

As soon as you expect something nothing will happen. The art in being a crystal skull keeper is to allow everything to happen in the time in which it is to happen! Some skulls stand for weeks, months, years around and one thinks that nothing should happen here. At some point then they "awaken" to life, they express themselves and then it starts. So please take the pressure from you and your skull that you absolutely need contact! That blocks you and also the cooperation with the skull.

Let things run their course and be relaxed.

A good way to know which skull you want to work with is, for example, Close your eyes and hold a hand over the skull at a close distance. Then you feel when the energy rises, it gets either warmer or colder (it depends on how it feels like you, with me it is usually warmer, in any case, it will be a significant difference!). This skull (or if your hand stopped between two skulls then both) is currently working.

However, it is not always the same, that can take months and sometimes only a few minutes. It always depends on the situation.

Rest assured, the skulls knows what's right now. Just as the spirit world knows when something should happen. Because not you that determine but the skulls determine what happens now.

Of course you can defend yourself, but then you block the process and in the end you wonder why nothing is happening.

Meditate with the skulls, and if you do not know with whom it should be then meditate with all. Everything is right as it is! And everything happens as it should!

So again: Stay calm and give yourself time, even if it takes months. It does not feel really good, I can understand that because I felt the same way. But I stayed consistent and let things take their course.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I am pleased about a comment or a message via the contact form

All the Love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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