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Element Fire

For my facebook group I did some research on the internet for the element fire. Here are the results:

The Element Fire Forceful

ARIES (March 21 - April 19), LEO (July 23 - August 22) & amp; SAGITTARIUS
(22nd November - 21st December)
Fire gives warmth and light, but it can not exist alone. The same
applies to people who were born in the element fire. you are
passionate, warm and glow in every room. They are the life of
Party and your natural intensity that others take notice of
You become a born leader. They follow your gut feeling and get involved
for what you believe. Of the four elements, fire is by far the
most entertaining, most striking and dynamic. You have the power of
Transformation and can transform any negative situation into a positive one
But be careful. You can also easily put a positive in a negative
convert. Your passion quickly becomes a hassle and blinds you when
They get injured nearby. If it is not included, it spreads
Fire on everything nearby and you too. They are often unfaithful and will
follow any hint to serve your own interest. Fire needs
other elements to survive. As the air grows it becomes
constantly burning on earth. The same goes for you. Your relatives are
that which keeps you motivated and stable. Without them, your passion becomes
Obsession and you exhaust yourself quickly.
• Passionate
• Bright >
• Charismatic
• focused
• Decisive
• daring
• vulnerable to anger and anger
• Obsessive
• Faithless
• Jealous
• Easily irritable
• Vengeful

Fire is with Strength, activity, blood and vitality combined. It is also considered highly purifying and felt protective, consumes impurities and drives the darkness back.
Fire is traditionally based on his masculine characteristics (the
female characteristics were superior) considered spiritual element of the physical elements.

It does not have any
physical existence, produces light and has a transformative power when it is comes in contact with more physical material.
• Qualities: warm, dry
• Gender: male (active)
• Elemental: Salamander (here refers to a mythological
Beast-creature that might go up in flames)
• Golden Dawn direction: South
• Golden Dawn Color: Red
• Magic Tool: Sword, Athame, Dagger, sometimes Magic Wand
• Planets: Sol (Sun), Mars
• Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
• Season: Summer
• Time: noon

fire matches the will


experience and development of optimism, confidence, hope, creativity, imagination,
Change, movement, action, competition, trade, enterprise as well as the
Ability or task to face challenges, to do something in
To make or change something.

In the Feng Shui Teaching are the following elements:

Each of the five elements has different characteristics.
Here you can check if one of the properties given below is special
is pronounced. This then dominates in our environment and this energy can then be reduced (if desired) by appropriate use of a
other element, because in this cycle the elements weaken
In addition, each element is connected to the other four.

Fire (south)
Hysterical, hypersensitive, dramatic, belligerent, explosive.
Balancing through wood and earth.
The fire color: red.
Shape: pointed, sharp-edged.

Fire element in Construction and destruction cycles

Feng Shui recognizes that nature is cyclical and describes building and construction
Destruction cycles. In the construction cycle, all elements are replaced by different ones
Elements support or reinforce, and these reinforce different ones
Elements. In the cycle of destruction, all elements weaken certain others
Elements and are weakened by different elements.

In the construction cycle, the fire nourishes the earth (by producing ashes) and is destroyed by
Wood (which feeds a fire) nourished.
In the cycle of destruction, water weakens the fire (by dousing it)
and the fire weakens metal (by melting it).

Native American Medicine Wheel

The 5th stone of the medicine wheel is dedicated to the element whose spiritual manifestation is the Thunderbird

When building the medicine wheel, we put the stone on the inner circle just south of the west. The Thunder Bird is a mystical figure from the legends of the Indians. He is huge and can fling lightning from his enormous wings on the earth. The vegetable equivalent of the element fire is the narrow-leaved willow-herb (epilobium augustifolium), also called fire-herb.

The equivalent of the element of fire from the realm of minerals is the lava rock, the best known of which is the basalt. Lava rock, born of fire, from the depths of Mother Earth, offers all the children of the earth, inner depth, development and clarity. Those who engage in meditation with lava rock will find many profound teachings. The color for the element fire and the thunder bird is of course red. This color can be used if you need physical strength or to perform a specific project. Even for times in which fearlessness or fighting spirit is needed, the color red is good to use. Keep in mind, however, that fearlessness and fighting spirit are not needed all the time. Otherwise serious problems could occur.


Color: red

Influence: protection, strength,
sexual passion, energy, action, purification, courage, vitality

Metals: gold or brass

Season: Summer

Time of day: noon

Angel: Ariel

Incense: Frankincense

Stone: Fire Opal

Direction: South / Guardian: Notus "Lord of the Light"

Astrological signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Planet: Mars and Sun

Items: Wall

In the South the sun burns, the fire

The element fire belongs to the south like the midday heat, the summer, the mature woman and the mature man.
Feelings like love and passion become the South whose color is red

Food Fire

Fire - bitter, spiky, orange to red

The foods in this element are dehydrating, metabolising, feverish, and during summer heat, the body's own cooling system is stimulated. Dishes made from ingredients that mostly belong to the element of fire are therefore recommended during summertime, before and during diets and to support sports activities.

Food from the element

Cacao products: dark chocolate, cocoa, cocoa beverage unsweetened <br> Fruit: elderberry, grapefruit, quince

Vegetables and salads: parsnips, lettuce, chicory, dandelion, arugula, artichokes

Herbs and spices: Mediterranean herbs, Paprika, juniper and berries, poppy

Basic foods: rye, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat

Meat and meat products: grilled meats, cevapcici, grilled sausages, grilled meat substitutes and sheep, lamb and goat meat and products

Sheep and goat milk and products

Beverages: Black and green tea, cereal and bean coffee, mulled wine and hot drinks in general, moreover red wine, brandy, pils


Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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