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Element Earth

For my Facebook Group I was gathering all the information that I could find to give us more ideas about the element earth. I was surprised how much I could find. And decided that this has to be a blog article.

As said, I gathered the information on the internet. German and English. My sources are at the end of the article to make sure they get the credit!


TAURUS (April 20-May 20), VIRGO (August 23-September 22), CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)
The Earth is stable and reliable, yet constantly working and moving. Those with the Earth element share these traits. You are practical and logical and stand firm in your convictions. You learn through experience, which is never difficult for a curious person like yourself. You aren’t interested in unrealistic dreams, but rather you believe in setting achievable goals that are attained through hard work.
You are an artist and love to create. Your home is welcoming and warm and always open to friends and family, which is fitting considering you’re a bit of a homebody. While you are always friendly, you do not let people into the inner circle easily. However, once you do, you are loyal to a fault. On the opposite side of this, you can sometimes be overprotective. As it is impossible to stop the world from turning, it is also impossible to change your mind once it has been made up. You are stubborn and bull-headed and will often stick to your position for no other reason than it is your position. In relationships, you are empathetic and nurturing and don’t mind waiting out a few rough patches. But be careful, this also makes it easy for others to walk all over you.
• Stable and consistent
• Hard-working
• Loyal
• Nurturing
• Logical
• Empathetic
• Lazy
• Scornful
• Overly cautious
• Stubborn to the point of impractical
• Rigid Earth is the element of stability, groundedness, fertility, materiality, potential, and stillness. Earth can also be an element of beginnings and endings, or death and rebirth, as life comes from the ground and then decomposes back into the earth after death.
Qualities: Cold, Dry
Gender: Feminine (passive)
Elemental: Gnomes
Golden Dawn Direction: North
Golden Dawn Color: Green
Magical Tool: Pentacle
Planets: Saturn
Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Season: Winter
Time of Day: Midnight

The earth in shamanism is described as follows:

Color: brown
Influence: money, fertility, sensuality, body, nature, birth, creativity
Metals: lead or iron
Season: winter
Time of day: midnight
Angel: Gabriel
Incense: Storax
Stone: rock crystal
Direction: North / Guardian: Boreas "Black Bull of the North"
Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Planet: Saturn
Items: Drudenfuss
(magic sign = pentagonal sign / pentagram.) It served on the threshold as a defense against "Druden" and to deter the devil). A Drude is a wicked female night spirit that causes anxiety dreams. (Please do not confuse it with the druid Merlin) Here is the explanation from wikipedia for Drude:

The Indian medicine wheel

The doctrine of the Indians in the medicine wheel has similar elements, yet this teaching is somewhat different.
The medicine wheel is a symbol system of the universe, a wheel on which everything has its place. On this wheel are in the cardinal directions, the 4 main seats, which are each assigned to one of the four elements. The medicine wheel is change, life, death, birth and learning. It is the cycle of everything that exists. The circle is the way and for those who understand the circle is their mirror. The circle can then be understood if one imagines it as a mirror, mirror of our self.

Earth (west)
Color: Black

Card Sets like Tarot or Lenormand

Experience and development of persistence and down-to-earthiness, safety, contentment, realism, physicality, sensuality, success, financial gain, self-esteem and the ability or task to realize real and tangible goals, to preserve and preserve material, to acquire new useful skills, Order to build structures and systems.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui there are 5 elements that nourish each other but can also destroy. I found that exciting at the time when I first discovered Feng Shui. For example, Wood breaks up the Earth, Wood is nourished by the water. 
The Earth is broken up by the Wood, Metal grows in it.

Earth (southwest / northeast)
Dependent, cautious, slow, indecisive, jealous.
Balancing by fire and metal.
The earth color: yellow, brown, ocher and orange.
Shape: horizontal, uniform and flat.

If you want to support the earth element in your house or around you, you could use these colors. If you have to much Earth, then you should not wear these colors or have them a lot around you.

Earth stands for stability. In general, Earth people tend to be more concerned about safety and are usually a little inflexible and conservative. It takes some overcoming to break out of stagnant structures and take a completely new direction. A person with a lot of earth is best compared to a mound. The higher the mountain and the tighter the individual layers of earth are connected to each other, the immobile and insurmountable becomes the Wall.


If the earth is missing in a constellation or is only weakly represented, this can be manifested among other things by flightiness and lack of endurance. Such people do not like to stay in one place for a long time and quickly change jobs, their place of residence or even their partner when the first more serious obstacles open up.


But earth also stands for family cohesion in a broader sense. People with a high percentage of earth are very reliable contemporaries who are capable of long-term and stable bonds. Family and friends are very important to these people and are often the focus of attention.


People with a high proportion of soil persistently conserve ancient knowledge. So they are often passionate collectors who are difficult to separate from things. Their cabinets are sometimes real treasure troves and are home to treasures from the past.


Yang Earth people are often smart minds and pragmatic thinkers who never lose the reference to reality. They think analytically and are thus able to separate good from bad or meaningful from useless. Logic is one of their absolute strengths. Yang Earth is very rational and acts strictly on the cost-benefit principle. The question "What's in it for me?" Plays a key role in such people.


Yin-earth, on the other hand, is self-sacrificing and likes to feel responsible for others. At the same time she spends herself at times, because Yin-earth always thinks of herself last. With their maternal and friendly nature, such people like to take care of the allegedly weaker and are always concerned about the well-being of others. Out of sheer worry, these people often forget themselves and do not pay attention to replenish their own batteries in time.


Yin-Earth likes to double-save and is afraid to live in unstable conditions. Therefore, it may also be related to relationships that are already broken. Or she stays at work, although she does not feel well. This immobility manifests itself in many Yin-Earth people also physically by overweight, which does not want to melt even with the help of diets.

The mother in itself corresponds to the element earth. We owe our existence to her. It provides food and a well-balanced family life and brings stability or stability, connected and tranquility into everyday life. Although perhaps not all of them see it that way, at least the theory says so.

The extreme midday heat of the fire energy is weakening, the afternoon is breaking. The fruitful season of the year has begun and the ripe fruits on the fields can be harvested.

Element Earth Trading Card of
Christiane Witt - Feng Shui Consulting

nourishing element cycle Christiane Witt - Feng Shui Consulting
The element earth can also make you clumsy and tough. Houses, for example, which stand on the so-called earth axis (southwest / northeast), are slow, i. the people in it tend, e.g. to leave things behind. In extreme cases, they can become Messies and may even be advisory-resistant.

Too much of the earth element seems stagnant, nothing moves anymore. Because the element metal, eg. the use of the color white. Metal takes the weight of the earth element. It deprives him of energy because metal in the five-element cycle is nourished by the earth or consumes metal on the earth.

Movement is also brought about by setting "wood" accents (more on this on the trading card wood). It makes use of the already mentioned in the other elements clash between two elements to use. The wood extracts nutrients from the soil.

If you want to be "earthy" set up, then you set up antiques, heavy sideboards, chests or farm furniture. Suitable colors are yellow, terra cotta, earth tones, but also gray.

The earth is resting in the north
In the north, coldness, hardness and darkness prevail, the element is the earth. It is the time of the night, the winter, the death, the time of the break in which the forces are gathered for the next cycle. Green and brown represent the earth.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, there are five elements, these are earth, water, fire, metal and wood. Each element is assigned a specific flavor component, shape and color. The integration is not only based on the look and the aromas, but also on nutritional values.
Nutrition, lifestyle and medicine are not considered as three independent components in the Far East, they form a unit that is integrated into everyday life. In Asia, a healthy lifestyle is not only practiced when a disease is present, but to prevent it. In western countries, this nutritional wisdom is known as the Five Elements Diet. In order for the food to complement each other ideally, at least one ingredient should be present in each food of each element. When which element predominates depends, among other things, on the season. As a rule, only fresh seasonal foods are used, frozen foods and finished products are rejected.

The Five Elements Diet and Their Food Assignment

Earth - sweet, flat, from yellowish to brown
The foods from the earth element have a balancing, harmonizing and extremely nutrient-rich. It is advisable to enrich dishes during the seasonal transitions with ingredients mainly from the element earth. Bridging and change are always stressful for the human body and require special compensation.
Foods from the earth element:
Confectionery and sweeteners: Natural and dietetic sweeteners
Fruit: sweet fruit, lime, apricots, peaches, figs, dates, melons, mangoes, grapes, bananas, pineapples, raisins and other dried fruit
Vegetables / Oils / Nuts: Cabbage and cabbage, kohlrabis, cauliflower, broccoli, cauliflower, chard, spinach, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, avocados, legumes, carrots, celery, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and other oils, nuts, chestnuts , Seeds
Herbs and spices: vanilla, tarragon, saffron
Staple foods: barley, sweet rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and corn flour (polenta)
Meat / meat substitutes / eggs / mushrooms: beef, soy and lupine products, eggs and mushrooms
Milk and milk products and substitutes for milk: milk, cream, butter, buttermilk; Soy and lupine milk
Beverages: sweet and sweetened (alcoholic) drinks

Source:…/the-four-elements-finding-your-eleme…und as well as: and and

And I am sure there is more to the element earth than we could see in this short article.

Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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