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A burning question, right?

Just take it out of the box and go?

If it were that easy!

It's best to take them as quickly as possible and as carefully as possible (usually the cuties are so packed with tape, etc. that you do not have to be careful) Mine are mostly very exhausted (see photo) because the have been gone through an infinite number of hands, the whole journey wrapped and packed. How nice that these two were allowed to travel together, after all, they have been 5 1/2 weeks on the way. There were some disagreements and we actually had to do energetic and physical work to get the package out of the sinking again. In the meantime, it was even said that it should go back to the sender.

One morning I got the impulse again to check the tracking information and actually got the message from the post office (here in the US is the USPS) that the package has already arrived at the post office. At some point I had this feeling of dressing myself. The postal car already in the neighborhood on the way. Then the feeling to look on the porch, the package could already be there. What should I say: opened the door, postal car pulles forward and the postman has the package in hand. YEAH !!! So the two quickly unpacked and then we started the cleaning procedure.

Then bath in a lukewarm amethyst bath. Amethyst has the property to clean itself and is therefore ideally suited (if you have a crystal that does not tolerate water, please skip this section or place it on an amethyst gland)

After some time (perhaps 30 minutes in this case) I followed the impulse of drying. Now they looked much better:

But that is not the end of the process. Now it is time to energize. I have often read about how other skulls are charged / energized by skulls. I'm not a friend of that. M. E. Skulls are individuals that do not need to reflect the energies of each other's skulls. Therefore, I skip this point. Energizing other major skulls works by putting together the New Skull and the main skull. Then you bought an already energized skull (at least in the rule)

At some point I wrote a light language grid. How light language of Mayas / Mexican Curanderas works I describe in another blog post . This light language grid has been written for the energetic cleansing and energizing of the crystal skulls, dragons, Merlin, unicorns and all other crystals and works great. Just put your skull on this grid and then wait. Usually you can see the change after a few minutes. One of my skulls for sale was on the shelf in the shop and was very unhappy. He was really "bleak". We quickly found out that the light language grid I had provided was no longer under the shelf and therefore the energizing / energetic cleaning no longer took place. After quickly fixing that problem a few minutes later he looked much happier.

You can download the Light Language Grid on my blog and print it in any size / number: Downloads and Services and also the Detoxing-Energy and Dimensional Energy. Free!! It is important to me that this lighting language Grid is available in as many houses as possible.

Not sure if the grid is for you? Ask your crystal skull if he / she wants to sit on it. I've found. that this is the simplest option.

After the crystal skull is energized, he / she is ready for you and a first meditation or getting to know each other.

Take your time, find yourself a quiet place or take a little nap with your new family member. Other crystal skull caretakers recommend to contact only with one crystal skull at a time to get to know the energy. That's a good idea and I would think so in the beginning. At least if it feels right. Couples travel to me as well, so it can happen that both want to join. Nevertheless, I greet each one individually.

Let the energy work, do not rush anything. Hold the crystal skull on your heart chakra and welcome it in your life. Perhaps you would like to thank the crystal skull for taking the journey to you. (I'll definitely do this with my two newcomers) and then enjoy the energies first.

After a while, your crystal skull will speak, this time may take longer, please be patient. I've heard from keepers over and over again that the skulls are not talking to them and they were worried that the skull in question did not want to go to them but continue traveling. I am quite sure that the skulls would speak accordingly, so do not worry. Sometimes they only work in the background or it takes a colleague to "thaw" them. I have e.g. a Labradorite, Moosy who has been with me for years. But since the new skull Thorwald, a lava skull, has surfaced here, Moosy thaws up and also wants to participate in the action.

And so it will go on slowly with the two rams. I will report on the two in detail in my article about the ram-skulls.

Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

The question of whether I need a crystal skull as the main skull I had asked me right at the beginning and I can only partially answer.

When I started welcoming crystal skulls to my family, I thought that the first Crystal Skull was the main skull. Forever! After more than a year, Lobos has come to me and has introduced himself as my main skull. Aaron-Ku-Nah, my first crystal skull, just sighed and said: At last she got it.

Lobos is my main skull for a long time, together with Cosima who represents him so to speak when I'm traveling with him. Except she is there too. Then the cuties settle this already under themselves, grins.

In addition, I always have a current herd. That's why I call it that because it's usually a special group that's been on the dates for quite some time. A good year ago, for example, Iyesha, Merlin, Ash'a'ya, Lobos and Cosima.

So what is a main skull?

I would say from the feeling that a main skull, so to speak, has the troops under control. More dominant. To be regarded as a very reliable companion, sets the tone. Stands in the middle and observes, gives suggestions, if I do not know how to continue. It just stands out more than the other skulls.

Since November 2017, it is my feeling there are four skulls that always attract attention and are the main skulls. The feeling is different than in a herd. In a herd, it varies faster. But these four are working very hard at the moment, more present than ususal. I have to say that I work very emotionally and on the "I know" level. These are my strongest perception senses.

Cosima (self-love), Lobos (trust, to open up and release emotions), Shenaya (give love and strengthen dreams), Jesparian (release, solve karma, dissolve traumata)

This constellation has opened up during my spiritual burnout. I have the feeling that my decision to close the business or to reorient my business had a strong influence on it. Just as I feel that this is not the end. Rather, that still a big skull finds its way here. One that belongs to the older or even ancient skulls. Which I will report of course.


A main skull is not necessarily the first skull that arrives with me. In addition, I resonate more with him / her, he / she is also very present. More present than the other skulls. Most of the time he / she is everywhere. If this skull remains for ever the main skull is not to say with certainty, that can change.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Often I have heard that the contact with the skull does not take place as expected. Such as. that the skull immediately has information for the guardian, says or sets something in motion, the guardian knows what the skull wants, or why that particular crystal skull has now moved into this house into that family.

Or even that despite an initial contact there is sometime silence. Please do not get confused! And please do not expect anything! If you have done everything good to your skull, unpacked it after a the long journey, giving him or her a nice bath of amethyst or sunbathing, perhaps you have used incence and / or used the light language Grid, then give your new family member time to arrive.

After a while of recharging or regeneration, the skull is usually ready to get involved with you. Take your time (as described in this post) and make yourself comfortable. It is best to take the skull at the level of the heart chakra on your stomach and offer him / her your connection. Thank him/her, that the skull has taken the long journey to work with you. The skull will communicate with you if he / she wants it. Then you will also learn a name, thus the sex and possibly even very quickly the information why this skull wanted to be with you.

As soon as you expect something nothing will happen. The art in being a crystal skull keeper is to allow everything to happen in the time in which it is to happen! Some skulls stand for weeks, months, years around and one thinks that nothing should happen here. At some point then they "awaken" to life, they express themselves and then it starts. So please take the pressure from you and your skull that you absolutely need contact! That blocks you and also the cooperation with the skull.

Let things run their course and be relaxed.

A good way to know which skull you want to work with is, for example, Close your eyes and hold a hand over the skull at a close distance. Then you feel when the energy rises, it gets either warmer or colder (it depends on how it feels like you, with me it is usually warmer, in any case, it will be a significant difference!). This skull (or if your hand stopped between two skulls then both) is currently working.

However, it is not always the same, that can take months and sometimes only a few minutes. It always depends on the situation.

Rest assured, the skulls knows what's right now. Just as the spirit world knows when something should happen. Because not you that determine but the skulls determine what happens now.

Of course you can defend yourself, but then you block the process and in the end you wonder why nothing is happening.

Meditate with the skulls, and if you do not know with whom it should be then meditate with all. Everything is right as it is! And everything happens as it should!

So again: Stay calm and give yourself time, even if it takes months. It does not feel really good, I can understand that because I felt the same way. But I stayed consistent and let things take their course.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I am pleased about a comment or a message via the contact form

All the Love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

It's easy to meditate with the crystal skulls. It's a wonderful way for the skulls to communicate with you, to initiate healing, or to give you a "push" to change something for you.

You need a quiet room where you can retire for some time and be undisturbed, one or more crystal skulls and off you go.

Some Crystal Skull guardians are advised to work with only one skull at the beginning. I support this approach because this is the best way to get involved with the respective energy of the crystal skull (dragon, unicorn, Merlin). Over time, it will always be easier for you to connect with the skulls so that you could meditate with several of your crystal skull family together.

The best way to connect is when you have the crystal skull sitting in front of you or hold him/her with both hands. Then there are different methods that you should try to see how it is best for you.

  • Holding skull in hand and closing eyes
  • Grasp the skull into the eye sockets
  • Turn the skull over so that it points to you with the back of your head, hang up your hand and close your eyes
  • Put your hand on the skull while sitting in front of you (one or more)

For me and my skull family, the first variant is the most beautiful. Sometimes I have a skull in my hand but a whole troop sitting around me.

The fourth method putting your hand on the Skull is excellent, especially for very large skulls. Otherwise it would be very full in your hand or in your lap. I also like to use this method the first time I contact a skull, or if it's one of the famous skulls, for example. Max is one of the celebrities and he likes to visit Richmond, Virginia. Therefore, I was allowed to visit him several times. A wonderful energy!

Now it is time to be quiet, as quiet as you can. Even with the meditation options, there are so many different ways that I would advise you to find the best for you by trying out.

Especially when we have a lot to do, are stuck in the daily routine or a new project is buzzing around in the head, the thoughts are not "just resting" but continue to circle. At least that's the case with me. I always had a bad conscience, I could not meditate. But these thoughts are important, they also want to be heard / seen and therefore best to look at the thoughts, breathe calmly and wait. Patience is the magic word here.

During meditation with the Crystal Skulls, you may hear, see, or otherwise perceive something. See also my article Your sense of perception in which I explain the individual senses. Maybe nothing happens at first. That's fine, too. It then happens on another, subconscious, level.

The crystal skulls and I hope that we could give you an idea how to meditate with the crystal skulls.

If you have found a wonderful opportunity, I am pleased about a comment or a message via the contact form

All the Love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

The techniques with the crystal skulls were not really appealing to me at the beginning. I hesitated if it was that easy, but I can assure you: It's that easy!

I have already used these techniques with the crystal skulls:

  •     meditation
  •     Meditations in a group
  •     Readings
  •     Chakra cleansing
  •     Aura-clearing
  •     House clearing
  •     Healing for Mother Earth
  •     special wishes and healing, thematic support


  • For this I have already reported in another post. It is very easy to meditate with the skulls and I encourage you to do it every day.

Meditation in a group:

  • For this I put my hand on one of my skulls, mostly my main skull Lobos, and channel the meditation. I let myself be guided by the feelings that I then translate into words.


  • My skulls are in the same room with me, it is usually a chosen group, leaving the selection to the skulls. When the question is asked, I associate myself with the skull, the higher self of my client, family member or friend and give the information I receive.
  • Another form of reading is done by the crystal skull card deck. More information about the map deck can be found here: How to use the map deck of the Crystal SkullsOpen in a new window

Chakra clearing:

  • When my customers are on site they can choose the skulls they want for the chakra clearing. They should choose intuitively. For the healing over distance I choose the skulls.
  • Due to the crystal, I have a general overview of each chakra. However, I let the skulls act individually, ask for information for my customer and forward these information afterwards.

Aura clearing:

  • The same applies as for the chakra clearing, except that here we treat the different layers of the aura, solve many blockages, and in addition to the information I receive, I cleanse the aura with a shamanic technique. Together with the skulls, we fill the aura with golden energy to close the holes created by the blockade cleaning.

House clearing:

  • For this I put the dragons, unicorns, Merlin and crystal skulls on a cloth on the floor, decorate mostly with some crystals. This creates a grid that holds the energy. In addition, I write the address on a piece of paper, the special request if desired also. I put this note in the middle. Ignite the candles, smoke if desired by my crystal skulls and usually I

Healing for Mother Earth

  • Already in Hamburg I set up my skull in my garden and held one or the other "meeting". As well as participating in some dates with acquaintances. Also during our holiday in the southwest of England I looked for places of strength and set up the skull there.
  • During our time in the US, I put the crystal skulls in our vacation to the place that was important to them at that moment. For example, at Yosemite Park in California, we intuitively found a parking lot that was wonderfully quiet and gave us a wonderful view of the park. While we parked there, the "voice" or request to get the two skulls I took with me came out NOW. They were allowed to enjoy the silence as well and I gave them their time. When we hit the famous destinations, I realized why it was important NOW. I encourage you to follow your intuition. It does not always have to be the familiar and famous areas. The crystal skulls also work very well from unknown areas!
  • The goal here is earth healing. To give Mother Earth more power, to lead beings into the light, to purify the area from negative vibrations and so on. You can smoke it, but you do not have to.
  • Here are some more insights from our travels through USA.

Special wishes and healings, Thematic support:

  • To do this I place the crystal skulls in a combination of their choice in a separate location, make a note and light a candle. Sometimes I use incense. Then I let the skulls work. As you can see in this picture it was quite straightforward, but the effect was amazing!

If you like one of the mentioned treatments I would like to have your treatments booked via this blog under Downloads and Services

can let the whole thing run its course. I often take pictures of the session and send them to my clients.

Questions or suggestions, please comment here or send me a message via the contact formOpens in a new window

All the love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

First of all, please be aware that you will find a crystal skull that would like to see you.

The Crystal Skull has a job for you to fulfill, you maybe a task for him. Or more.

As crystal skull guardian you are aware that you are goint to challenge yourself. More about the tasks of a Crystal Skull Keeper you will find in this blog post: What does a Crystal Skull Keeper actually do?

So this is not about the crystal but about the being that is connected to your crystal skull, dragon, unicorn or Merlin.

In this case, your intuition, your gut feeling is in demand.

It may be that you "think" it should be a rock crystal, after all, you want to have clarity. However, none of the skulls on eBay, Amazon or the various shops on Facebook or on the Internet offer the "right". So you feel no energy that finds its way to you.

However, you may notice that it is another skull, which, so to speak, catches your eye. He is present, he shimmers, he is already talking to you. That's the right skull. Even on the Internet, even with just one picture.

Maybe you also have the opportunity to take a skull in your hand. Feel the energy. We think it makes things easier, this is not the case. Just because I can pick up a skull does not make the selection any easier. Sometimes even harder. I have already noticed this with many of my customers. They felt attracted by so many skulls that we had to go into the meditative phase to clarify which skull it should be.

The second thing that may be important is that you want a crystal skull that is really a crystal and not a fake. See also my contribution to the topic How are crystal skulls made? My dealer is unfortunately not immune, because the traders usually buy from trustworthy sources, but even here it can sometimes come to an error. Please neither the dealer nor you should be angry, this can happen. I can not distinguish crystals, the essence is important to me. Therefore, I would not make myself available as an expert on a "real" crystal.

Also on eBay it can happen that the description does not match the actual stone. Also, I have ever set things on eBay and the function has not accepted my changes or falsified. I saw the result only days later.
But I understand you want a good, pure, energetically beautiful skull. Right?

Here are the dealers where I already ordered skulls. If you still want to have a few others to choose from, please send me an email via the contact form.

  • my first dealer was Birgit Hable from FREIRÄUME
  • Kristallschädelzauber
  • Sanari's Light Sanari has developed the Light Childs u.v.m. and she has close contact with the carver.
  • A Wilson, Walmere or Leandro da Souza are always a great choice.
  • There will surely be added more carvers and names gradually.

It can also happen that you invite a skull into your house and the skull would like to travel on immediately. This has already happened to me and it is not uncommon. Also look in my post My crystal skull would like to move, what now?

I advise you to "free up" your head, to rely completely on your feelings and to perceive with open-mindedness. Then you will quickly find the right crystal skull. Also be aware that then a whole family can arrive. If you feel that you can welcome more than one crystal skull in your family, then trust the feeling.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

The duties of a Crystal Skull Keeper include:

  • To be hands and feet for our new family members
  • to have an open ear for what the crystal skulls want to tell us
  • to get out of the comfort zone if necessary (such as creating a map deck, opening a blog, etc.)

So basically very simple, right?

There would even be the possibility to have various trainings as crystal skull guardion, e.g. make a stronger connection to the skull, apply certain symbols, etc. I've been through some of these trainings and I'm still not quite sure about it (even though I've invested a lot of money)

But again, I have experienced that, as soon as people had the first connection with their crystal skull, they knew what to do. Because this is different from person to person.

Not everyone will be in the limelight, publishing books, selling crystal skulls and accessories or offering webinars. There are possibilities to use the crystal skulls "quietly and secretly". Be it that you take one or more with you to visit friends, maybe even unwrap them and everyone may take the energy (well, everyone appreciates the want and not "you NEED to feel the energy"). Or use the crystal skull for your own healing. To be advised from the crystal skulls on how we can behave in terms of health, what food we should eat, what sport is good for us etc.

The frequency is definitely increased by a crystal skull in our house. And yes, please do yourself a favor and talk to your new family member. Because then you get a close connection that can be absolutely fulfilling.
It is important that you realize that a crystal skull is not a decoration but a fully integrated family member.

By the way, the crystal skulls like to bathe in a warm amethyst bath, to recharge their batteries in the garden at full moon and to carry out earth healing. In another blog post I report about our travel experiences in the US with the crystal skulls, dragons, unicorns and Merlin.

Otherwise, I ask you to trust your feeling! Take your time when your new family member arrives, take the time to explore what's up. See also my blog post: My crystal skull has arrived, what now?

The rest will come by itself. I trust that the crystal skulls (if lovingly handled) already know exactly what and when to do something! Then maybe you will eventually hear a voice calling from a corner: "Here, take me with you!"

Curious but not sure if crystal skulls are for you? In my blog post "crystal skulls are something I want" , I answer some questions about this.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

The question "Why crystal skull" I already explained.

Where else could the First Crystal Skull come from?

But how are today's modern crystal skulls made?

Here is a nice video how to be honed at Leandro de Souza's Crystal Skull: Leandro Crystal Skull Carving Designer

Resin or Orgonite:

These crystal skulls are poured into a mold. There is a shape for the skull and then there are the crystals (Orgonite has also the special metals and herbs) are added and the resin is then filled into the mold. These crystal skulls have a being in them.

How do I recognize a fake crystal?

Yes, that too is possible. It may happen that you think the crystal skull is actually rock crystal or amber or whatever. And then the skull appears at your home and after unpacking you realize that it is unfortunately a fake crystal. Unfortunately, I can not give you a tip except to give the seller a bad rating.

So there are the skulls that are cut by hand, like at Wilson, Walmere or Leandro de Souza and then there are the skulls made with the machine.

The carvers usually have a first contact with the stone or crystal and know how the skull should look like in the end. They can be guided through the process so that each skull can bring out its personality in the carving process.

Here I can only guess how the process works.

With me are all different types of crystal skulls, dragons and unicorns. Even Merlin has surfaced from various carvers here. Therefore, I can not say I am exclusively fan of the o.g. carvers. However, I feel the purchase when the skull was made by a carver who was not with heart and soul in the matter.

My tip to you: Choose the crystal skull that feels right for you.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Well, why crystal skull?

Why not just crystals?

I've also asked myself that question, again and again in recent years.

And I have always come to the same conclusion: For me, crystals say nothing, while crystal skulls give me a lot. I have some crystals that I also use together with the skulls. For example, in grids for house cleansing or if the crystal is not available to me in the form of a skull.

The crystal skulls talk to us, they communicate, they give us the possibility of further development. Their shape also gives us the idea of ​​a human being. That is exactly the reason why my crystal skull family keeps telling me: As a skull, they are able to communicate with us on a "humane" basis.

My loved ones have told me:

Crystal skulls are part of the source of origin. Another form of consciousness. A consciousness that connects them closely with the source. In a form that enables us to contact them.

At the same time, the shape of the skull is a reminder of how knowledge is held and how the knowledge of the universe waits to be rediscovered to draw from it.

We come from another galaxy, ready to be there for you, to help you develop, heal, and reach a higher frequency. This help was requested from you when you started to enter the chaos and darkness. That too was a necessary process and served your development. For some years now, you have been willing to wake yourself up again, tap into your knowledge and access our knowledge.

We support you wherever it is possible, whether secretly or externally. You help us to spread that energy by being ready. Nothing more!


Crystal Skulls help to promote the healing of us by giving us a vibration that is optimal for healing at the moment.

The crystal skulls give us the opportunity to communicate with you or with the crystal being in them, to ask them to receive help from them. Implied we welcome them in love.

They heal along the way - without words - while you can feel the energy.

I keep finding that people are opening up. That it is possible to take a crystal skull with you, unwrap it and then just wait. An example the other day at a workshop (privately I make photo albums and also like to make cards): I had taken two of my loved ones, Celia and Roxanne. They just sat in front of me. During the afternoon I was approached and then the two were shown. This was so easy and natural, the response was so wonderful that I just want to encourage each one of you to get the crystal skulls out of your pocket and give them the chance to be seen.

Why? Because it's just beautiful! It's wonderful when the people around us become open to this energy.

I also noticed that the crystal skulls are often already work before a session even starts. For example, when inaugurated in certain techniques such as LMPT (light / emptiness-merkaba-pyramid-transformation), the skulls are already on the cleansing before so that the entrance meditation takes place quite quickly. Also, the entire initiation process (in this case a full day) is much easier and the integration is much gentler.

But even with other techniques I noticed this. And for me too, integration into a new technique is much easier.

These are my personal experiences, information received from my crystal skulls and experiences.

Please explore the Internet for more information, e.g. where did the first crystal skulls come from, is it true what is said about them ... I promise you there is a lot of information stored.

But whether you want to become a Crystal Skull Keeper yourself or communicate with a Crystal Skull, that's another story. First, it is so that it was your incarnation plan, and so you have predefined whether you want to be a Crystal Skull Keeper, and second, of course, whether you are ready to face up to these challenges. See also my contributions:

Which crystal skull is right for me?

Are crystal skulls for me?

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Whenever I search for crystal skulls in the search engines, I see the most diverse information.

Some say that the old crystal skulls are fake like the Mitchell-Hedges skull. That was obviously confirmed by scientific investigations.

Other studies have "confirmed" that the first skulls are products of the Central or South American high cultures, e.g. Inca, Maya or Aztec.

My feeling as well as the message of my crystal skulls says: They came from other galaxies and they are here on earth to help us evolve.

Furthermore: There are 13 skulls that were given to 12 guardians during the downfall of Atlantis and were then buried or hidden. Because the knowledge from the crystal skull should be protected and abuse avoided. This is not quite successful, some have actually been used for the dissemination of negative energy. The skulls have suffered from this and, after they have reappeared, are also in need of healing.

Some skulls have long been used in rituals (unless they have been buried) and gradually reappeared. As far as my present information is, some have already reappeared: Corazon de Luz, Amy, Maya Crystal Skull, Max, ET, Rose Quartz, Brazilian Crystal Skull, Atlantean, Sha Na Ra, Mitchell Hedges and the Skulls at the Louvre, Smithonian Museum, Washington , DC and the British Museum.

Despite all research and scientific investigations, in my opinion no one knows for sure where the first crystal skulls came from.
Of course, the question arises: "Is that important?"

Personally, I do not think it matters where the first crystal skulls came from, albeit it is incredibly fascinating. It is much more important what contact we have with crystal skulls, what method of working we aim for. How we treat them and what we do with the knowledge and gifts entrusted to us.

Also like to check out my other blog posts to learn more about crystal skulls.

    Why Crystal Skull?
    How are crystal skulls made?
    What does a Crystal Keeper actually do?

and much more.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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