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Some thoughts that have crossed my mind in the last few weeks, what it means to be empathetic.

My explanation:

Every emotion and emotion that surrounds us also affects us. e.g. When we come into a room full of happiness, we will also feel happy. Nobody would complain about it, right?

When we enter a room and there is trouble, we will feel that anger.
If we are aware of this, we will take action and remove that anger from our area, right? If not, we will act out of this anger, maybe even find a reason to be angry.
This will affect our behavior or how we see the world or how other people see us.
Next time we do the same, because we got angry the first time, and so on. Which means that every emotion in our environment knowingly or unknowingly affects us.

Usually we try to go into a meditative state to let it go, to send it to where it belongs. I'm used to saying: Let the emotion go wherever it may go.
That is, it can go back to where it came from, because it is needed there, or it goes to the soul family and fulfills its purpose there.

If I am in a desperate mood or in a depressive state, I can not notice these things. If I am in depression, it will accumulate and cause even more behavioral change or change of mind.
If we are unaware or not even depressed, it may be that we did not even know it was not ours.

My advice for you

Please meditate as soon as it is possible for you. Even 5 minutes a day will help you.
Maybe you are looking for a guided meditation or download my free detoxing energy meditation as MP3 to listen to it again and again.

All these things are already known to most empaths.
We are already empathized before we are born. Every emotion that surrounds us before birth is now part of us. As a baby, a child, a teenager, we did not know how to handle it, how to let it go, and behind all these emotions we know our own emotions.

Everything in our environment has shaped us, our behavior, our patterns, our points of view. e.g. If we felt that someone was sad, maybe we started crying. To be comforted then. Maybe with a hug, maybe with chocolate or whatever our family or friends could offer us.
Now we know that being sad means that we are comforted by our surroundings. We have learned that, it has shaped us. But it was not our feeling.

The real you are behind all these emotions and feelings.
Once you know that and make you aware, you can start and let go of those emotions.
It may take some time, but I promise you will see the world from a different perspective. You will be at peace.

For some time now, I have felt feelings and feelings (and pains) that have not happened yet. Pain in my shoulder did not belong to me, but I felt it 2 days in advance. Trouble, I felt it about 4 hours before it happened.
As I am aware of the fact of being an empathic, I usually ask: is that mine? What do I do with it?

These questions help me a lot, besides meditating and cleaning my field every day with the detoxing meditation and the LMPT .


A skull is my companion since November 2017. His name is Jesparian, a phantom quartz and he stands for solving / letting go, especially for old things. Childhood, traumata, teenager traumata, pattern, what I'm not and so on. He is very thorough and sometimes I was definitely at my limit.


Fortunately, he came with an amethyst lady, Shenaya, she is very gentle, soothing and comforting.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

A body coaching (from my body-mind-spirit coaching program) refers to what your body expresses.

The soul lives in our body, it uses the body as a vessel to travel through the duality. When we sleep, our soul likes to travel and be connected with the soul family and spiritual guidance. However, when we are awake, the body is the temple for the soul. The place where she lives during the incarnation.
Our body signals us when we are not well. We have pain at certain parts of the body mostly caused by an incident. For example, with the foot bent over because we "stumbled" over a stone or a root during the walk. The  soul expresses itself in the universal language.

Examples are:
- Headache caused by a tense shoulder-neck area: We put too much pressure on ourselves or others, put ourselves under pressure, want to achieve too much, want to be perfect
- Hip pain shows us that we are either too fast or too slow going through life, or possibly pressed into a speed in our lives that does not suit us
- Cancer in the chest: self-love may be learned
- Cold: What we cannot smell, coupled with respiratory problems: What takes us the air to breathe away
And much more.

So if you have certain physical problems, check the internet. For the search term, it is best to always add spiritual meaning or metaphysical, then the search results are already pre-filtered. Most things are self-explanatory.

In a body coaching I go to the causes of your physical ailments, we are looking together for the tools that help you to find the way of the soul or to clarify the access to the soul. You will also get "homework" from me.
For the physical aspect, I will treat you with a shamanic method. I work in a trance, out of space and time and with all the tools you need now. To support the physical healing, I'll write you a light language grid that leads to the final cure in the long term.

E.g. I have written here a Light Language grid for the healing of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland has something to do with expressing our self because it belongs to the throat chakra. To express oneself (can) or express one's soul.

"The thyroid represents development and maturation. The level of the symptoms, with its slowing down and thickening of the skin (myxedema), shows the isolation from the outside world (hiding behind thick walls). Hypothyroidism often suffers from a lack of roots. Everything leaves them cold (missing connection / exchange), they put themselves to death, have a lack of interest in life. Your life lacks the sweetness. [...] withdrawing to oneself, seeking refuge behind thick walls: contemplating retreat into a monastic, meditative life situation; be aware of what needs to happen; let all the old die; Dealing with death. "
(Taken from the book "Illness as a Symbol" by Rüdiger Dahlke, www.dahlke.at)

The physical symptom is the pathological change of the thyroid gland, the psychic theme is the self-expression, entrenching oneself, etc.

After some time we will have a follow-up appointment to see where you stand after the coaching and the treatments that have taken place and what questions that have arisen in the meantime I can answer you.
My heart's desire is that you can strengthen yourself through our appointments and treatments and work on you and your topics with a new perspective

Book your Mini-Body-Mind-Spirit-Coaching to learn more.  

Questions or suggestions, please comment below or send me a message via contact.  

All the love  

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Shenaya accompanied me for 2 weeks to the topic of Self-Care. Because of that I had to write the article A lot going on here. With a healthy sense of self-care I could take a break, before it would turn (again) in a burnout.

Why Self-care, what is so important about it

In our very hectic and challenging society we often forget to think about ourselves.

This leads to total exhaustion, our batteries are empty and we are in function mode. From that it is only a short step to discontent and can get worse till you are depressed or burned out.

Be mindful about Self-care

First pay attention to your basic needs:

  • enough sleep (without a break)
  • healthy food, enough to eat, drink enough water, enjoy a lovely day
  • go for a walk to get some exercise. The focus should be on relaxing during a walk without fulfilling any purpose. Then it is more of a meditation that will make you even feel better about yourself
Your day is filled with activities, where does Self-care fit?
  • please make appointments for you where you can deal with yourself. Yes, I mean, put these in your calendar
  • When you are exhausted, it does not help anyone. You may be more likely to react harshly than lovingly. The kids do not care if it's messy, so take your time and sit down with a cop of tea or coffee and just stare in front of you.
  • Get rituals: Go to bed at a certain time, get up at a certain time, take your time for a nap or afternoon coffee (usually my matcha latte will be served at 2:30 pm)
Other things to take care of you:
  • Write down what you did today. Self-esteem is an important step towards self-care. After the hundredth empty dishwasher, the countless washing machines, the dusting, the high pile of ironing and the other everyday things you can allow yourself to say: I've done that, I've done a good job
  •  We are just in the run-up to Christmas: make you a plan how you can feed the important things for you in the days. For example, Buy gifts, bake cakes, bake cookies, etc. See if it gives you pleasure: Otherwise, let it stay. Maybe online shopping is more relaxed for you? And then write in the evening in your journal what you have done today everything. No matter how much it is. You will notice, you write a lot, things that you otherwise do by the way are now clear
  • End time: Every day at a certain time it is over with the work in the home, shopping on the Internet, possibly even a digital break. Do things that make you happy. I have just completed two Christmas Stockings for my grandchildren. It was relaxing while watching TV, was a lot faster than I thought, and was a lot of fun. Look for such activities to recharge the batteries.


Sign up for the newsletter and get your relaxation meditation. You hear it once and then you can recall the energy when ever it works for you.
To support your effort in finding self-care-strategies I am happy to assist you. Book your Mini-Body-Mind-Spirit-Coaching to learn more.
Questions or suggestions, please comment below or send me a message via contact.
All the love
Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

At the moment there is a lot going on here. Not only that we are in pre-christmas mode. I also have sometimes the feeling to be stuck.

Practically I can only move forward when I let go. This happens all the time, the more we let go, the more we experience change.

Also my Hessonite Hogwart holds me in his "hands", he let's me believe in my magic within me as well as working on it.

For everything else I am planning nothing (anymore). As far as it possible in this time quality. At least doing less and only what makes me happy and then go with the flow.

The last weekend I received an amazing reading. The spirits told me that I have decided to learn more than I already have.

For that I have to tell you what happened during the summer.

While I received a healing treatment, the guy asked me if I am an unborn twin. When we have an unborn twin in our field, we don't feel complete. The experts for this topics could explain it more deeply.

But to be brief: I wanted to know more and also wanted to release this. As an Aries no wonder, is a natural reaction. I found a lady who helped me through the process during a soul journey. She re-connected me with my original plans for this incarnation. At the end my soul told me, that I learned and achieved everything I wanted. What a relief.

Back to this month

The message from my soul this summer gave me relief and helped me to calm down.

But then I was starting to get restless. And this Saturday I received the message that I wanted to learn more, different things.


I am allowed to rest, to meditate, connect with my skullies and plan my development slowly. Which also includes the change of my website as well as my spiritual development. That can more easily happen through rest and meditation and downloads than through new educations.

You see, the daily challenges and the challenges from the soul are not always the same. It is more important what the soul wants and to accept the changes that come from the soul.

To grow and be stronger

That means, I can relax, let happen what is allowed to happen. Is something not finished by the end of 2018 it will be there for me in 2019.

At the end it means: to visit as less activities as possible, to do happy stuff like being creative with baking and crafting. And everything that doesn't work out even when I try it can stay as it is.

That is called Self-care.

For your self-care during this time I recorded a relaxations-meditation (more an initiation) that you receive for free once you subscribed to the newsletter.

For questions or suggestions please comment below or send me a message via the contact form.

All the love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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