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The aura is the energy coat we bring with us on every incarnation. Our soul coat, if you like.
What is the aura?

There are 7 aura layers:

7 - Physical shell
6 - Ethereal shell
5 - Emotional body
4 - mental body
3 - causal envelope
2 - soul shell
1 - Great soul

In many cultures, the treatment of the chakras, the aura and the nadis and the prana flow is part of the healing process. Each aura layer is connected to one of the 7 main chakras. e.g. the physical shell (# 7) with the root chakra (# 1)

We communicate among others. with our aura - being with someone on the same wavelength, noticing when someone comes "too close" to us are features how our subtle body is pronounced.

Our aura has an individual dimension for us - every aura is unique. Some people have a very bright aura, they often draw other people close to them and often realize later, as they were literally "sucked". Here it is necessary to protect or purify the aura. This can be done via a method like LMPT, where at the same time blockages can flow away.

What is stored in the aura:

As already mentioned, the aura is your soul energy mantle. Here are the memories of previous incarnation saved. Injuries have occurred, any holes due to physical injuries, experiences that make you act differently today than you feel right etc.

When I was seen at an Aura reading years ago, the guy saw that I had a huge wound in the stomach area. That was a shot that came in from one of my other incarnations and where I died. This hole affected my heart chakra, my solar plexus, and my sacral chakra. Can you imagine how I felt? Thankfully, the one who read the aura for me could close this hole.

How can the aura be cleansed or cured?

As already mentioned, I use e.g. the method LMPT to purify my aura. But also in cooperation with the crystal skulls the aura can be wonderfully cleansed and healed. In addition, I have a shamanic technique that cleans the aura and then flooded again with golden light.

What you can do to cleanse your aura on your own:

Take a moment and go to a meditation. Imagine bathing in white light and being completely surrounded by it. See if you perceive black spots or if you notice unevenness. Something that is not light or feels light. Go there with your attention and ask for golden divine light to repair this spot. Do this for all the places you discover and for as long as it feels right for you.

You can also ask Archangel Michael for help. Ask him to eliminate all the negative energies in your system and replenish your system with bright and light energies. You can also go to sleep during his healing for you.

These are two methods that are simple and effective. If you have crystal skulls please ask for support from them. It does not depend on the crystal itself, let the skull decide who helps and supports today. Can you already perceive what your skulls want, then follow the instructions of the skulls or the skull. If you do not notice it, please help with the white light or Archangel Michael as well. Your skull will not mind you if you use different energies because he / she wants you to be fine.

And if you're on the go, you can work well with a spray for cleansing. Put some sage essential oil in a spray bottle with alcohol and distilled water to spray into your aura. That cleans at least what is allowed to go fast.

How you can protect your aura in the future:

First of all, it is about learning tasks that are reflected in the aura. This can be shown, among other things, by feelings that resonate with you. Then you have to edit this topic. I gladly support you in a Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching. book your Mini Coaching on Facebook or send me an email to Kerstin@ajasha.de.

Then, of course, being a particularly empathetic person, you can pick up all these things "just" somewhere. Whether at a family party or shopping that does not matter. It is important that you are aware that you are so receptive, also understand the service behind them and let go of these energies.

You can also use the Detoxing Energy.

In order not to let anything "new" into your energy field, it is important to deal with all resonant fields, gradually understands itself.

Secondly, every time you leave the house you can imagine that you are walking out in a white bubble of light. Archangel Michael can give you protection as well. Request for protection by Archangel Michael for this situation.

I go for example with a small packet filled with a lepidolite, tourmaline, quartz, malachite and rose quartz in my purse out of the house.


Absolutely one hundred percent protection will not exist. Because you would then no longer feel and receive your learning tasks. That is not the goal of your soul. Look at what exactly is behind these individual tasks and learn from it. This is the goal of your incarnation, guided by your soul.

For questions comment here or send me a message via the contact form

All the Love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Dedicated to Esperanza and the masters in Mexico for their willingness to share their secrets, their time and energy. Light Language is an ancient knowledge of the Mayans, transmitted by Starr Fuentes.

Especially in our dense energy and through many incarnations, we have brought along many things that prevent us from fulfilling our soul mission and thus into our power.

In light language, we work with sacred geometric shapes and colors that work faster than the speed of light.

A light language grid is a grid made up of individual shapes and colors that work in the aura.

The light language is a absorbed teaching that was conveyed to me by my teachers Anneliese Flachsmeier (Hamburg) and Brook Stills (California). Absorbed teaching means that we students have been in night school over months in order to prepare us for the knowledge. It is taught infinitely faster and then we receive the download in the seminar on the aura of the teacher in our aura.

When we connect the Light Language Grid with the Higher Self of the customer, our Higher Self, and the Masters of Light Language, we can intuitively write the Grid.

Before the first programs were available, the grids were still drawn by hand. The basic forms taught in Light Language 1 were still quite simple. Of course you were not allowed to register otherwise you were allowed to start over, but as I said, it was still quite easy.

From Light Language 2 and then Light Language 3, we can choose between over 152 shapes and over 144 colors, some of them very complicated to draw. I am very grateful for the program that is available to me.

Here are the different grids:

7 shape grid

There is a personal grid for the 7 main chakras. Once you have a personal grid you can get from me a so-called stationary grid then for the practice, the office or the house / apartment is written. Attention, without a personal grid can not be written a stationary grid because then the desire for the place would be transferred to the residents. Since the personal development is eliminated and therefore this is not possible! A grid of 7 is active for 17 months and looks like this:

12 shape grid

There is the Advanced Personal Grid with 12 Chakras. Here is my grid which I have just written and which is valid for the next 17 months.
This grid is written for me in June 2018 and addresses all 12 chakras.

49 shape grid

For personal and more complex requests, a 49er grid is written, here e.g. a grid for curing panic of a dog. Since only a specific theme is used for a 49er grid, there is no need for a grid of 7 before a 49er is written. As soon as I've written a personal grid, I'm allowed to write a grid for the common good.
Here's a grid to cure HPV vaccine, the cervical cancer vaccine that made my client very sick.

Here's a grid to cure HPV vaccine, the cervical cancer vaccine that made my client very sick.

This is the crystal cleansing and energizing grid I have addressed in several posts. See also my post My crystal skull has arrived, what now?

Crystal cleansing and energizing grid

This grid was created on the subject of electrosmog.

Both grids are available for a free download

And here is a personal grid for me to solve my cravings. Because there is usually more behind than we are aware at first.

144 shape grid

For much more complex topics that require a lot of time and patience, I write a 144er grid. I must confess the process is really very long. For one of the 144 grids I've been writing for 2 years already. The effect of the respective grid is only gradual. And also for this I may write next to a personal grid just synonymous one for the community. Here are two examples:

All beings in Germany are united in unconditional Love and compassion grid!

This is my personal 144 grid that I wrote during my education at Brook Stills:

Kerstin's grounded connection with her soul and guides grid!

Since the respective energies run through my system in each case it actually takes a longer time until such a 144er grid is finished. Each Grid starts to take effect the moment we choose the headline.

If you decide to have one of the grids written for you, check out Downloads and Services here on the blog.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Again and again I experience it that there are people who are afraid of a person having "shadows" around them.

What are shadows and why are they there?

Shadows are there to tell us what we want to learn. They work in our energy field and attract people who point out these shadows. The resulting work on ourselves is also understood as shadow work.

Who deals with the light in itself will soon realize that the shadows are faster when we treat them with light and love.

Basically, the shadows are things we want to learn in this life. Some also call this learning karma. That we have brought something from different incarnations what may / may be solved now. In our energy field, or even in this case, in our aura cloak that we take from incarnation to incarnation, these shadows or karmic processes are stored.

Some of them can be solved simply by watching. We may not even notice that. So, if we meet somebody who tells us seems strange and we can respond to it with love can have already solved something. This may not even be aware of us.

And then there are the "bigger" shadows, the things that we experience again and again. Time and again people in our lives who show us this. For example, Narcissistic personalities or abuses that occur again and again. Now we have to see which of the shadows we want to work off.

As a shaman, I am aware that it is a process, I also like to help through the process.

As a Crystal Skull Keeper, I am grateful that there is the support of my crystal skull family to help my clients and me to solve these shadows.

This is done by working on the aura, chakra balancing or coaching sessions.

Who is working with the light: Light is the love with which we move through our incarnation / our lives. This love is more or less pronounced. And that's because we like to judge, evaluate, depreciate or even say: This person has shadows, I do not want to have them in my field.

Yes, it is true, this person has a shadow. But when I see them, it is also my shadow that I am allowed to work on. If they do not bother me, don't trigger a reaction in me then there are also no topics in which I can work.

You could also say that shadows are the topics that I can and must work on, light is the love with which I edit these topics or that I give myself to be able to work on these topics.

And another thing: the shadow is never stronger than the light! Thus, the topic is never stronger than love!

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

I am pleased to introduce you to this system, with which I have already had many beautiful experiences.

LMPT stands for:

  •     Light
  •     Merkabah
  •     Pyramid
  •     Transformation

LMPT is a powerful transformational system of no longer useful behaviors, transformation of experienced shock including echoes in the body, experiences of lack, anxiety, hunger, etc.

At the same time it can be used for nursing, e.g. abundance / wealth, joy, happiness, connection with the akashic records, soul recall u.v.m. Its mode of action goes beyond the known transformation systems.

Those who work with this system on a regular basis, go the way to transcend ego and take personal responsibility for his life.

This transformation system is connected to an activation of the merkaba and thus of the light body. This increases the vibration of all bodies.

In order to get out of spiritual burnout I have used a so-called cure (I send you a "cure plan" with the initiation). I inserted the appropriate topics in the health plan and then run every third day a LMPT to the topic. It was very easy to fall asleep. I lie down in bed, invoke the LMPT with the words "LMPT, Topic Confidence" and let it just work. It is an automatic system and works by itself. Possibly. I see pictures, maybe I feel something, maybe nothing happens, everything is right as it is. Since each person perceives differently the information you'll receive during an LMPT session will be accordingly.

The LMPT itself is a closed system that was transmitted by Ascended Master Merlin to my teacher Blandina Gellrich of Licht-der-Seele. She has given it to some people, a few are initiated to teach and to mediate the LMPT. As a coach, I am now also allowed to train teachers. For this you are welcome to contact me.

Since I was inducted into the LMPT, I have used it almost daily and achieved great results. My confidence in this technique is incontrovertible as it works so wonderful. Of course, sometimes more than one session is needed, e.g. when it comes to relationships. And sometimes only one LMPT session is needed and things change. For example, my motorcycle that I wanted to sell. Nothing happened for weeks, no announcement, etc. One day I decided during a nap to run the LMPT on the subject and 15 minutes later came a call and the bike was sold in the evening.

Or my relationship with family members has changed. Thanks to the LMPT I was able to see ego-free which role I played in this relationship and was able to handle it much more relaxed. That, in turn, has built up another energy field, which then worked in this relationship.

Of course, I must not be overbearing with this technique. See also my post crossing borders not? So I may for example don't do a LMPT on the subject of "my neighbor always makes so much noise", but instead a "noise is more serene to endure". For sure many things in our lives resonate, a topic we want to learn. See also this post: Resonance or what I want to learn. The LMPT helps to get a clearer alignment and to solve these resonance fields.

Therefore I can only say: I love the technique LMPT and use it whenever it is necessary to solve a problem, get answers, clean and nourish my system and much more. If you want to be initiated into this wonderful technique or maybe you want to feel a "Taste of LMPT" in advance

Incidentally, the crystal skulls are at each initiation. They hold the room and help to strengthen the integration.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

First, the question arises: What is a helpers syndrome?

In other words, it is the addiction to help and the feeling to be needed!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  •     Do you often hear the sentence: Think about you!
  •     Do you think that it is necessary to help because you feel bad otherwise? Or is it "heard" like that?
  •     Do you ask others for help or is it difficult for you?
  •     Do you feel exhausted or powerless, energetic?
  •     Would you like to change the other so that you feel better?
  •     Are there only people with problems in your environment?
  •     Do you often complete tasks before someone else can do them?
  •     Do you set your goals, wishes and needs behind?
  •     Do you feel good if you could help others?

There are certainly plenty of tests on the Internet that you can consult. But generally in the overview, you already know if you have a helpers syndrome.

Because you are always there and present, you do the tasks for the others without them asking you, after all, you already know what needs to be done. Or you know anyway how you have to do things so that it is neat. You want all people around you to feel good, a so-called "people pleaser".

I could list endless things here, as I was once in this situation myself. I have really done everything for all family members IMMEDIATELY after being asked. Me sitting quietly at the table? No way! The ketchup, the butter or whatever had to be brought from me! The others needed too much time to get up and get things. Then I was allowed to listen to me: "We would have done that, but now that you have done it, I did not have to get up anyway!" You certainly notice the trend. And yes, the house had to be clean, 24/7, tidy and neat ..... I could continue as I said.

In 2015, I finally noticed it and pulled the emergency brake. A long overdue conversation with our youngest has brought the final realization. Since then I am working to change it. Slow and steady! And yes, I still want everyone to feel comfortable around me. Criticizing my actions, well, slowly I can tolerate them without breaking out into perfectionism.

But I noticed something else and that was the most important thing: through my actions I have permanently crossed the borders and taken away from others their responsibility for life. They did not have to worry about anything in my presence (even though I was always bitching (!) that my children or my husband could do something and do more, which incidentally was never enough)

Ultimately, it was a zipping and avoiding to feel my feelings for myself and about myself. Recognizing this helped me to say hello to the helpers syndrome. Does not mean I'm done, a spiritual burnout (which I had 2017/18) is certainly not the sign that it has worked out, but I'm further than I was years ago. So it's not too late. You too can learn it. It is important that you realize that you deprive others of the responsibility for their lives and so to speak incapacitate them. You can do very well without your help! And to admit that is painful.

Especially since the next step may follow: on what do you build your self-esteem? Because helping others does not bring it anymore!

In the next few weeks, a few posts will be published on this topic, just follow me on this blog. Because I want you to get through this blog a lot of support in this way. Something I have missed on the internet so far.

Please be aware that this does not replace a therapist. If you are deep in depression, burned out, and do not know what to do, find a therapist and spill your heart out!

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Of course, this blog is about the spiritual realm, about your perception on another level.

During my development, I was always fascinated by the fact that there are people who can hear things or see ghosts and so on. This has not happened to me or only in a few cases.

The 5 most important senses in the spiritual realm are:

  • Clairvoyance
  • clairaudience
  • Clair-Alience (clear smelling) and Clair-Gustance (clear tasting)
  • Clairsentience:
  • Claircognizance:


In clairvoyance, depending on your predisposition, you may perceive the deceased (famous examples would be Allison DuBois or Theresa Caputo, they talk to deceased relatives and tell the bereaved ones), see ghosts or make a vision in front of your eyes. Also color vision belongs to this. What is shown to you is then "translated" by you into understandable words for you or your customers.


There are people who can hear angels or spirits, but there is also the possibility to hear, so to speak, "the inner voice". But most people say that listening means that someone has the ability to receive information from spiritual beings in the form of news and sounds. Again, there is scope for interpretation. Because the messages from the spiritual world are often not clearly formed.

Clair-Alience (clear smelling) and Clair-Gustance (clear tasting) :

You suddenly have cigarette smell in your nose although no one has smoked in your apartment or in your car? You taste cake although you have not eaten and also far and wide no bakery in sight? Then this too is a message from the spiritual world. Or, as is often the case with me, I smell cigarette smoke or food while driving a car even though I do not smoke or eat, let alone have anything near it. Then the wave from another human "sloshed" to me and I can just take it. Most of the time this is over quickly.

However, if you know a deceased who has smoked or liked to cook / bake, you can assume that these relatives just want to get in touch with you.


People with this pronounced sense can perceive and interpret the emotions, feelings and perceptions of another person via the soul contact. Depending on how strongly this sense is pronounced, healing can even take place in this way. Here in Richmond, I've just had a session with a colleague, she has been able to sense my emotions and remove them from my system with her healing energy. This is a tremendous gift and I am immensely grateful for this session. I am too one of the Clairvoyant People.


That's when you KNOW, you just know what this is all about. Nobody can fool you either. Maybe you can even tell what the people in your environment will do or say next.

Most of the 5 senses are particularly strong (with me clair-sentience and clair-cogniazance) and the other senses are more incidental. Sometimes I hear something loud in my ear, sometimes I have a vision or taste or smell something. This is still rare and certainly will not yet be my primary skill. No matter what you have experienced for you, it can and will evolve when you are ready

While you work with the crystal skulls, it can quite often happen that one or the other sense is addressed more strongly than you were previously aware.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Apparantly I planned for my incarnation to explore the topic of self-esteem and self-love with all the consequences.

What does this mean for me?

My self-esteem has been based on other people's opinions about me. Even though I now know better and react and act more self-confidently, I notice sometimes that this decades-long behavior has not completely changed.

Incidentally, of course I have tried to make all people around me happy, meanwhile I jokingly say that I'm a "People Pleaser". The helpers syndrome that always ensures that others should go well.

And what does my body say:

At some point the body can no longer take it and since I did not pull the emergency brake, my body has shown me. I was exhausted, no longer able to do my chores and depressed. In my opinion I did nothing. Meanwhile, I have created two websites in German and English, created two online shops in German and English, prepared and given seminars and workshops, cared for the household, changed the diet (as you can read on the blog Gesund Leben ), the USA Blog, finished the crystal skull cards and much more, but I always had the feeling I have not achieved enough.

Learning to deal with me was a challenge, a real challenge. To take the time for myself, to not have a guilty conscience if I did not do something (even when I still kept everything running)

Then at some point the moment came that I call spiritual burnout: In September 2017, I felt that everything I did was very egocentric in the business sphere and very quickly decided that this would not continue. Ego wise, because I had just expected something that was not fulfilled. I had actually expected that people in some way deal with me and the crystal skull, with all that I have to offer, even would need my services. Against a payment that is more than a "thank you". Yes, I had actually expected an income. In addition, I have always offered something for free in the hope that people will eventually have to resort to my services, to see that it is something good ....... and so on. I exaggerate it here in the words, but the basic idea is certainly clear.

My solution (s)

As the "coincidence" wants it (yes I know there are no coincidences, smile), I had a meeting with a lady on the subject of money (and also paid quite an amount for it). It turned out that I am a nursing person, someone who has the ruler in it but also the gambler who always tries to make the big luck in the game. The translation here: I want to help people, of course I know that there are (monetary) rules, but the gambler says: Let's do a free treatment or event then that will be the big breakthrough.

The result was that I wasted myself and had to brake. And I suddenly realized that this thinking is ego-thinking.

Spontaneously (1 day after having the above mentioned meeting) I decided to close my business. No more free treatments, no free seminars or workshops anymore, only time for me.

My decision shocked me, but also made me strong.

Another incident in November 2017 has strengthened me in this decision, because there was my self-confidence, my self-esteem and everything related to it again shaken up properly.

Then I could go on the path of healing that I still go. See also the following post: 5 tips to get out of the burnout. Incidentally, my crystal skulls have been with me the whole time, confirming this to me over and over again and still helping me every day. Each in his own way.

Here are my current main helpers: Cosima (Self-love), Lobos (trust and release emotions), Shenaya (Give love and strengthen dreams), Jesparian (Release, Karma solve, Dissolve trauma)

How did it go and continue?

In the meantime, I felt the need to finish my or, more specifically, our deck of cards, with which I always love to give readings. If I do something for free then it's just because I enjoy it. And I have chosen where I offer it, namely on gift days in Facebook groups or for a good cause and then only when I have time!

And I've come so much out of this burnout that I can help you find yourself and a healthy self-esteem. You can find a lot of information in my article 5 tips to overcome a burnout.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Some people have a very different opinion about that and I can only imagine why.

My opinion is the following:

Back then, when there was still the herbalist in the village, the healer and whatever these professions were called, these women were cleaned the huts, brought the food, etc. Also, the village doctor was often paid in natural produce. Because in my opinion is it correct if it is paid for. Here are several reasons:

  • The treated person knows how to appreciate that he / she has undergone a cure and that this has happened through the (traditional) knowledge. This traditional knowledge has mostly been transmitted through a lifelong learning process. For example, Shamans have taken apprentices who then lived with them for years, learned and then practiced this knowledge before they were allowed to move on. By the way, these apprentices have cared for the shanties / home of the shamans. Today, many go to training and pay money that they have worked for in another job.
  • It is an appreciation for ourselves to get an energy balance. The modern currency is currently money, I personally would be totally happy with a home-baked cake or a vegetable selection / fruit selection. Not always, but for those with little money, that's one solution. In my opinion a "thank you" is only okay if we both to an energy exchange, otherwise a "thank you" is easy to say (even if you do not mean it)

  • We as healer must learn that with the "helper syndrome", that is, healing without counter value, we were definitely only able to exhaust ourselves, but could not give the other a lasting cure, since he / she did not feel it, did not appreciate it or was not ready to develop themselves. See also my blog post on topic do I have a helper syndrome

Unfortunately, I have met people who said: It is a gift, so you have to provide it to us for free, that's your job!

No, because if I give them my energy for free, I will soon have a spiritual burnout and I need help myself.

And yes, even the crystal skulls are very willing to help! Most certainly!

But again, the appreciation is a significant part. Appreciation includes that the people who receive the energy are ready to change. And it makes a difference if I get it for free or if I pay for it §40 or §100 or §200€ or give a fruit basket with self-picked fruit.

Feel into yourself if the energy that is been send towards you causes an appreciation inside of you. Incidentally, I can assure you that the crystal skulls have not been flown to me for free and I also have an obligation to appreciate them!

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

While I was in my depressive phase of burnout, I also did a lot of research on the internet to read about how others came out of this period of depression.

And again and again I read the same tips, but was not really able to apply them. It cost me some effort and understanding to actually start.

However, I can say that nobody could help me except myself! Nobody would have been able to urge me to shake hands, only I could do that on my own. And while I was desperately looking for an "instant solution", I could only say that they did not exist.

And at some point there was this kick, the kick to open me and at least try these tips:

    1. Music

  • The tip is: listen to the music you like, the music that shakes you. Up Beat Music. Mmmmh, well, that was easier said than done. Alexa was very strange of helping me there. There was music that I did not like to hear. At some point I actually made it, allowed me to let the music work on me and to do my housecleaning with Pink and Blondie without being completely depressed at the end, to make my day with happy music.
  • Every time I slip into this depressive pattern, I make music that cheers me up.

    2. Movement

  • I have been going every day since my diet change, so walking more fast, not running. However, my ambition was to make the 10,000 steps a day. My husband was a great help during this time and actually drove me outside. We went one or two laps every night.
  • Now I make sure again that I do my daily steps, even if the ambition is not yet fully back, I have noticed that movement actually helps in a depression.
  • If running or going for a walk is not for you, take time to put yourself in the nature or do yoga. That's also a kind of movement. Just let it happen
  • Have a date with friends or family and go for a walk

    3. Nutrition:

  • Yes, the diet plays a big role. It can be found on the Internet about how to strengthen the chakras with the right nutrition. For example, the spleen, liver and pancake, i.e. solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra. The following foods can strengthen these two chakras: oats, rice, chickpeas, carrots, oranges, apricots, nectarines, sweet potatoes, so much that is orange or yellow. And if you could eat it warm, that would be awesome
  • Please take care not to eat any food with sugar. In my blog Gesund Leben (please use the translation button) I have some recipes to it (is constantly expanding, so feel free to visit more often or sign up for the newsletter). You may give in to the urge to nibble, but try to eat as much fruit as possible instead of dry fruit. Even a (!) piece of chocolate helps.
  • Look for good teas that will help you to feel good again. For example, green tea is excellent. And a warm cocoa in the evening makes for a good night's sleep, which is also very, very important for curing depression!

4. Talk

  • It has helped me a lot to talk to people about my problem, to be open about it. In particular, I could not fool my husband. And even if he could not always present the solution he would have liked to have, it has always helped to become clearer in the head. Talking to friends about the topic was very helpful too
  • Consider who of your friends may have been burned out or had a depression and can tell you how they came out of it. (The tips are likely to coincide with these here, but it's good to hear it again from other sources)

    5. Meditation and healing from outside

  • A guided meditation on this topic can also help. Check out You Tube if you find something. As already mentioned above, it is the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, for which there are mediations. Or just take calm music and let happen what should happen. Even tears are very redeeming
  • Get a shaman or healer to cleanse the chakras, purify the aura. As an empath we like to grab something, especially if we are already in an unstable condition anyway. Something happened to me on this as well and I was really close to looking for the next train to throw myself in front of it. This energy came from a friend who had just been dealing with job loss in the family and had picked up the energy of the deepest depression and then unconsciously forwarded it to my system. A cleaning is then very helpful. I also offer crystal skull chakra cleansing. Please contact me, because I only offer this individually or during a body-mind-spirit coaching.

Most importantly, you realize that YOU are the only person who can change this condition, that YOU are the only person who can heal the depression or burnout in order to be strengthened in the future and in any case to ensure that You do not fall in again.

Check out my blog post Being empathetic, you'll see that some of your patterns have been shaped since childhood and your system now wants them to be solved.

These tips do not replace the therapist. So if you feel like the o.g. Tips do not help, please go to a therapist!

I gladly support you in your process with my manifold possibilities. Please visit my website and book your Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

You may have heard of the night school one time or another ?!

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But what it means may not be clear to you ?!

It is, as the name implies, a school that takes place at night. But not by your physical presence, because these night schools sometimes take place weeks, months or even years before.

The moment we declare ourselves ready to take some training at the soul level, such as light language, LMPT or the training for the Mexican Curandera, we will be prepared by the corresponding teachers on the soul level. This is not done by an appointment with our calendars but on an energetic level which is automatic. So we have no influence on it.

At night school we learn a lot more in a much shorter time, so they are much more intense.

Maybe it has happened once or twice to you that you have met someone in a seminar or training and you thought you knew this person. So it could well be that you were together in night school. My teacher Margit mentioned sometimes that she has already experienced some of us in the night school. She knew many times who has talked a lot or made many notes or was very attentive.

So it's something very natural that happens there, always in agreement with the Higher Self that guides us here and knows what's right for us right now.

The recording for the mind and thus the linkage of the learned in the night school then happens at the appropriate seminar.

Incidentally, the original training was much longer and the preparations in the night school much more complex than it is the case in today's faster energy. Therefore, some training also takes place within a few days instead of several months or even years.

I was once allowed to experience how my teacher in the language of light perceived, that my dragon lady Rosanne participated very intensively in the seminar. Unfortunately, we did not pay enough attention in the night school and were allowed to repeat the part again and my dragon lady was there.

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All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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