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In my post about Amanda I talked about the topic expectations.

Amanda likes to remind me that we have too many expectations. Either to ourselves or to others. Or we try to meet the expectations of others.

Because there are always people who try to put their stamp on me. But that is a falsification of my authenticity.

We expect something from others and others expect something from us. This falsifies our entire being.

It is an important learning task to see how much we have been or are still influenced by others' expectations or expectations of ourselves.
In addition, it creates dis-stress, depression and we become puppets of expectations.

In the card set, my crystal skulls and I have included this topic as well:

 You are NOT here to meet the expectations of others and the others are NOT here to meet your expectations. It is NOT YOUR task to fulfill YOUR expectations for you.

Step 1 Become aware:

  •     Think about every activity why you are doing this activity
  •     If you do it for you and it's full of joy - all right, then you're done 🙂
  •     If you do it because you think it pleases others, you may read on
  •     If you do it because you think you have to do it for you then you can read on as well

Step 2 Think :

  •  What happens if you do not do this activity? Who gets hurt, could think bad of you or turn your back on you
  •  Is this person important in your life?
  •  What do you expect from others?
  •  Do these people have to prove something to you?

Step 3 Feeling - how are you doing:

  • is the pressure on your shoulders still there?
  • Did you realize that it (usually) does not do anything if you do not do this task
  • Or did you realize that the expectations you place on others are not met?

    "Handle without expectation."
    Lao Tzu

    "I am open to leadership in synchronicity and do not allow expectations to hinder my path."
    Dalai Lama

Step 4 Rethink

  • In the future only to say yes if you are without ifs and buts behind it.
  • Change your attitude to the task, especially if it has to be done anyway (household, work, garden, run dog, etc.). Consider whether your tasks you perform with new words are much more pleasant for you. For example, I want to do ...... because it makes me friends ...... / do me well ......

Gladly I help you in my Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching the topic to clarify expectations and thus come into your own power.

    Luck = reality minus expectations
    - Hindu proverb

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Learning to value and appreciate myself was a long process. Indispensable as part of self-love.

Why self apprecciation?

Self-appreciation is an essential part of self-love. In addition to self-compassion and the task of letting go of the helpers syndrome as well as being aware of oneself it is in my opinion one of the biggest challenges to achieve self-love.

You value your time.

Of course you should not say no to everything, but you should not say yes to everything. Weigh what you use your time for.

Plan time for yourself: (Me-Time). Every day a walk in nature, some sports such as. Yoga. Reading a good book, meeting a friend you enjoy together.

And everything that is contrary to that you can safely delete from your plan.

e.g. With our move back to Germany: I have a plan in which are times for sports / walk entered, there is the time for this blog and my group detained. Time for the move preparation and time for me and my husband u.v.m. And I hold to it. Do a lot in this way.

You value your body:

You probably found the following request on the internet:

 Stand in front of the mirror and say to you: I love you

Sometimes I stood in front of the mirror and thought: Hey, this rounding here should disappear, because I have too much fat, the corners of my mouth, the hair ...... are you the same? Or similar?

I encourage you: keep going! It is worth it .. Over time, you learn to take yourself as you are. Appreciating the body because it serves your soul to experience. With all up and downs. Just as it is.

For me, the appreciation of my body is also healthy food, sports and rest. To a healthy degree and only as much as feels good to me.

I do not have to jog just because others do, a nice walk at my pace is perfect for me.

Food does not have to be vegan or vegetarian. Sugars in healthy amounts (please read labels) and meditation can be easy.

You value your being.

To value your being, it is important to know what you think is great about you. Take an appreciation diary and write down what you have done today. Every little thing.

This is important to realize what you really can do every day. That is more than we often think.

You do not bend for anybody

You have made aware of who you are. You know you do not have to live up to expectations, neither the expectations you set for others nor your own expectations of yourself.

What do others appreciate about you?

Let friends and family members tell you or even better write down what they appreciate most about you, your abilities and qualities.

Then feel if you see yourself exactly like that.

When my family wrote down 3 pages of my qualities and abilities I could barely read it, I had so many tears in my eyes. And I could not believe that this was/is me.

It took some time and I worked intensively on this topic until I could accept that this is also my truth. One help was the appreciation diary, another help my crystal skulls and that I had someone with whom I could talk about it.

With pleasure I help you in my Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching to learn the self-esteem and thus come into your self-love.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

The first time I came into contact with self-compassion in early 2018. Thanks to the explanations of my coach I could understand why it was so difficult for me to come into self-love.

We do know compassion

When it comes to other people, we can empathize with them, we can help them, acknowledge the feelings of others, be able to deal with them and even make changes for these people only by acknowledging their feelings.

We hug our fellow human beings, give them understanding words, encourage them to take the next steps.

Do we know our feelings?

Mostly not that deeply. Mostly we are not honest and open up with ourselves. And we do not allow ourselves the feelings. Because you do not show that, you're not like that, clench your teeth and go through it, that's it, that was wrong, do something right and much more

We do not give ourselves understanding words, not to mention encouragement.

Self-compassion is expectation free

We expect so much from us, often way too much. And then we feel completely exhausted, have no more time to recharge our batteries.

Self-compassion is being respectful to me

How do you talk to you? Do you allow yourself to say: I'm fine, I look good, that's all good as I do?

Be respectful to yourself, allow yourself compliments from yourself and others, hug you from time to time. Meditate with appropriate exercises (here a link to a YouTube video) I

  •     Talk to you as to a good friend.
  •     Talk to you lovingly!
  •     Be patient with you!
  •     Allow yourself time off!
  •     Hug you!

Self-compassion is part of self-love

To come into self-love has many facets. One of them is to feel oneself, to better perceive oneself and to be compassionate towards oneself.

With pleasure I help you in my Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching to develop the self-compassion and thus come into your own power.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Self Love

Everyone talks about self-love, but what does that mean and why is it so important to us:

Self-love is your battery

When we love our self, we are recharging our battery over and over again. Then we can develop a power and dynamism that other romp along. Then we can give endless love without exhaustion.

Self-love means loving oneself

unconditionally! No ifs and buts. And has nothing to do with selfishness. But so that you may allow yourself to accept yourself as you are, that you love yourself as you are. Your appearance, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Self-love needs self-care

Taking good care of oneself is important in order to find oneself, to recognize oneself. These include e.g. the so-called ME-Time, time for yourself where you either pursue your hobby or go into nature. Time in which you can refuel and only take care of you.

Self-love also means being aware of oneself

What strengths and weaknesses do you have, do you know who you are, can you get a picture of yourself and describe it for yourself? That means you are aware of yourself. Once you know who you are, you can love each other.

Self-love means Self Appriciation

e.g. how do you handle yourself, how do you speak to yourself, can you say NO? To appreciate yourself is to be aware that it is important to do only the things you really want to do. It also means to accept the weaknesses and strengths and to determine their own value.

Self-love involves self-compassion

When did you last have compassion with you? No, do not pity, that would mean you have suffered, but how did you feel. Did you allow yourself emotions and give them the space to explore them?

Self-love lets the helper syndrome go

Of course, you can help other people, if you love yourself, then you let the others ask you if you have time, if you can help etc. Self-love means to be aware that our energy is only perceived as helping if we have been asked to help

Self-love means to be free of expectations

Expectations towards others or ourselves means putting pressure on others or ourselves. Expectations from others towards us puts pressure on us. If we free ourselves from expectations, we have taken an important step towards self-love. Because only we are responsible for ourselves and our lives.

Gladly I help you in my Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching to come into your self-love and thus into your own power.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

This topic covers a wide spectrum, it is about resonance, our learning tasks and the mirror law. Each a piece to look at and yet together.

Learning tasks

Those are the tasks I have chosen as a soul for this incarnation. For that, before I was born into this incarnation, I made an exact plan, my soul plan.

To make the experiences I want to do make during this incarnation. For example, to learn to value myself more, to learn self-love, to dissolve karma, to work with crystal skulls, to experience many other emotions, especially sadness, joy, fear and anger.

In order to achieve this I have chosen exactly to which minute on which day I would like to be born in which family.

And all the other souls who are playing a role in my life or who are going to play a role, they know at the soul level that this is true.

And then we descend into duality. The all-embracing love of the soul family is no longer noticeable.

We are born and develop. Partly through our role models aka parents (because we chose them to learn something), partly through friends, teachers, acquaintances, family members (also: we agreed with these souls that they will be in our lives)


Sometimes we despair because we meet people who push certain buttons and force us to deal with a topic. Although we may not want it.

Then we become angry or sad or aggressive. Don't understand why such people come into our lives again and again. People who wants to manipulate us, who wants to influence us, so we become the person they wants us to be, who wants to force us to perfectionism, although we do not care u.v.m.

The reactions that these people trigger in us, we should definitely take seriously. Because they show us that there is a learning topic. A topic that should be looked at and resolved by us.

Attention: this only applies if these persons actually triggers us! So we are really going into deep emotions and misunderstanding that are triggered in us. If we have already completed our learning topic we see what is happening out there (for example, people being manipulated) but it does not touch us anymore.

Understand what happens

Suppose that there is a situation in which you have the feeling that people manipulate you. The mirror law would say in the first approach that you are one of the people manipulating the other. But it goes on and it is important to me that you understand that the mirror law scratch more than just on the surface.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you have the feeling that you should be manipulated:

  • do I manipulate others?
  • do I let myself be manipulated again and again, what does that do to me? (Anger, desperation, powerlessness, helplessness, wanting to be perfect)
  • What could be the cause (in this life, from a previous life)?
  • What can I do to learn from this situation (because my counterpart, my trigger person should help me to understand)? e.g. May I learn that I have the power over my life and no one else? That I may be imperfect?

And only if I understand it in all depth with all emotions I may solve the topic.

But this person is still in my life! What now!

If you have mastered the task then you can surround it with love. E.g. do a forgiveness ritual for the person who triggered you, pushed your button(s) all the way. Be grateful that this person came into your life and helped you to solve this topic.

And then forgive yourself that you have brought this person into your life and thus have created this situation that has made you so angry and aggressive. The Hawaiian forgiveness ritual Ho'oponopono can help you with that.

The topic of resonance is almost superficially described here. If you are on a threshold and need help on the topic then book a coaching with me so we can dissolve the topic deeply.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Tarot and Astrology

Ruled by the planets, Mercury, Venus and Uranus, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius make up the Air Signs of the Zodiac. Known for their energy and quick minds, they are the most communicative, intellectual and sociable signs of the zodiac. They can be sharp as a tack, with razor like minds. They can however appear aloof and unemotional at times.

Gemini – Chatty and intellectual but have a tendency to live on their nerves. Easily bored, they are naturally inquisitive and curious. Their dual nature can be problematic, especially in love.  They have excellent communication skills and very witty.

Libra – Diplomatic and romantic. They hate to be alone and love to be appreciated (overly so). They can be very indecisive and too laid back at times. They make great friends but do expect a lot in return.

Aquarius – Independent, aloof/friendly, cool and calm in a crisis. They are intensely private and can appear sometimes appear unapproachable. They are strong humanitarians, but can be emotionally withdrawn. They have a tendency towards eccentricity.

The Air Signs are represented in the Tarot as follows:

Gemini – Knight of Swords (Also the King of Pentacles), The Lovers

Libra – Queen of Swords (Queen of Pentacles), The Empress, Justice

Aquarius – King of Swords, The Star

The Page of Swords can represent any of the Air Signs but if the person is over the age of 22 years then they are bound to be showing signs of immaturity. They may also be feeling young at heart.  The Page can also be a representation of their childhood.

Remember these are just guidelines, and the Air/Sword Court Cards can represent any of the 12 Signs. However the person represented, be they a Taurean, Leo or Cancarian, will be displaying personality traits or aspects of the Air Element/Signs.  Once the profile fits, regardless of the person being a Capricorn or Piscean, they will obviously have a lot of Air in their personality make-up.  This display of Air may be transient or fixed.


The element of Air has an intellectual idealism attached to it of course – and sometimes also a highbrow superiority complex. Regardless, this is the element that is able to achieve a mental sharpness like no other.

When you think about air you immediately realize a few things. Air is invisible, it cannot be enclosed and it is changeable. Air can be a calm balmy breeze or a ferocious wind storm, but either way, there’s a sense of detachment about it along with an ability to cover extensive ground. Again, let’s apply this astrologically...

Breezy traits

Air signs are known for being more detached and cerebral than others. Air signs aren’t overly emotional, which gives them the ability to think logically and to achieve a broad overview of their idea. Air signs also require extensive freedom of movement in order to express their ideas and individuality. You can never contain an Air sign!

The element of Air is detached from the immediate experience of daily life – never quite touching it – but always flowing around it. This detachment gives air its hallmark ability to be objective and to use its gifts to benefit many.

Ironically, although the element of Air has little emotion or sensitivity, it is the most social element. How is this possible? Air has the ability to objectively appreciate anyone or any group’s thoughts whether or not they agree with them.

The downside of Air is that occasionally, if air remains all "in their head" there’s a chance that it can become mentally imbalanced. That’s when you’ll see an eccentric Air side. If Air overvalues intellect it can become difficult to live in our physical world.

Broken down by sign...

Although the three Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, share many of these traits in common, each will express the element’s qualities in a unique way.

Gemini will manifest the element of Air as an acute ability to instantly notice and communicate about everything in its environment.

Libra will apply the element of Air as a drive to use its intellect in a way that promotes social harmony.

Aquarius will utilize the element of air to achieve the most remarkably detached ability to connect all people and every concept.

Feng ShuiAbout Wind / Air

Wind is neither a classical nor an eastern element, although some people mistakenly believe it is. However, in the classical elements, wind most closely corresponds with the element of air. In feng shui philosophy, the term feng shui translated means wind and water. Wind is the movement of air, and wind itself can help to move chi or energy in a gentle and flexible way.

One of the trigrams found on the feng shui bagua and in the I Ching Book of Changes is the Xùn trigram, which in English is called the wind trigram. It is associated with the element of wood and represents wealth and prosperity.

Materials That Represent Wind

Wind socks, kites, and wind chimes can all represent the wind. You can use any of these to facilitate movement of chi or to help cleans negative chi.

Elements Yoga - Air

The element of air is the only thing you can not see. But air is our connection to life. Our breath testifies to the quality of this connection. Our breathing pattern reflects our mood. You certainly know all the phrases:

"The breath hangs," "The air stays away," "The long breath is missing," and so on.

These phrases do not come from somewhere. However, we can learn to breathe consciously and thereby influence our moods. It takes some practice, but it works.

A yoga practice with the theme of air therefore has a meditative aspect with a focus on the breath.

The element of air is also associated with the heart chakra. A yoga practice in the air is characterized by heart-opening exercises and backbends. This also increases the breathing space.

The air is also the element that mediates between the three others, balancing and bringing them into harmony. Therefore, another focus is on balance exercises.

Breathing meditation

Get into a comfortable cross-legged position. Put both hands on your heart and try to focus only on your breath for a few minutes. Take the quality of your breath and watch it first. Then try to let him get deeper. Try to perceive the effects on your mind and body. Stop focusing on your breath and feel for it.
Heart opening flow

Come in a high lung. The right leg is in front. The arms are stretched upwards. With the inhalation come in a slight back bend, open your heart space. With the exhalation stretch out both arms in front of you and lean forward slightly. With the next inhalation you come back in your back. Repeat a few times and pay attention to a smooth flow. Change the leg.


Cold air from the east
In the east, the sun starts its day's run, so the East stands for the new beginning. Spring, as the beginning of the cycle of the year, as well as the girl and the boy as the beginning of the circle of life, are assigned to this direction. The air and the east correspond to the color white.

In the east, the sun starts its day's run, so the East stands for the new beginning. Spring, as the beginning of the cycle of the year, as well as the girl and the boy as the beginning of the circle of life, are assigned to this direction. The air and the east correspond to the color white.

Air is the element of intelligence, creativity, and beginnings. Largely intangible and without permanent form, air is an active, masculine element, superior to the more material elements of water and earth.

  • Qualities: Warm, Moist
  • Gender: Masculine (active)
  • Elemental: Sylphs (Invisible beings)
  • Golden Dawn Direction: East
  • Golden Dawn Color: Yellow
  • Magical Tool: Wand, sometimes sword, dagger or athame
  • Planets: Jupiter
  • Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Season: Spring
  • Time of Day: Morning, Sunrise

Indian medicine wheel

The seventh stone of the medicine wheel is dedicated to the element of air symbolized by the butterfly. Beings that are influenced by the butterfly are constantly moving like air, unless they are in a transformation phase (metamorphosis). From the butterfly we learn something about transformation and change .. The butterfly is a symbol of joy and the moment. He reminds us that we should not take life too seriously. Butterflies feed on flower nectar. Incidentally, they pollinate the flower, contributing to the spread of further beauty.
The plant totem for the butterfly clan is the bulbous silk plant (Asclepias tuberosa), also called nodular dormouse. The native in North America on roadsides, mountain and hill slopes, with us not hardy, 60 cm high perennial has a bulbous axis and alternate, oblong-lanceolate, rough-haired leaves.
Azurite has a beautiful blue color that varies from light to almost purple. The azurite can also help with transformations, especially when it comes to the mental area. Wearing or meditating with this stone helps to develop the psychic abilities, to improve the inspiration and to increase the energy.
The color that stands for the element air is a translucent pale blue. Kindness, trust, tenderness, love and peace can be evoked or taught through this color.

Air type: the sanguine and intellectual optimist

Characteristics: rosy cheeks, wet eyes, friendly, cheerful, extroverted, bustling, enjoyable, optimistic, cheerful, a good friend, hovers one meter above the ground, food plays little role for him, conversation is more important and the friends
    Foods that are good for this type: millet, chard, rye, blackberry
    Herbs that are good for this type: marshmallow, fumitory, mullein, rose, horsetail, licorice
    Prone to inflammatory diseases, especially kidneys, heart, joints, appendix, scarlet fever


Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Candle magic is a science in itself and absolutely logical. But also leaves a lot of room for interpretation and adjustments.

I learned candle magic in a 6-week course, it was very informative and gave me a new understanding of astrology, colors, oils and shapes.

This is how the skull candles were created that have their own magic.

But from time to time it is necessary that we need something very fast, a solution to a problem is needed. Here is this article:

First, please get fireproof coasters and a piece of paper. In addition thicker candle and a candle extinguisher.

Then please make it clear what it is about. Is it a blockade to be solved, it is something that should be brought into your life. Then it's about when the candle should be burned down exactly.
Release blockages

Would you like to receive something, but there are blockages / resistances?

Then your topic is: release blockages.

For this you write on a note, for example following sentence: I ask for the solution of blockages and resistances for ___________ (for example, my dream trip to the caribbean, my dream house address, my project)

It's best to burn a white candle here. The note comes to the table, the fireproof pad on it, and then the candle. Gladly meditate on it as soon as the candle is lit.

The lighting of this candle should be between full moon and new moon if possible because we want to let go of something, released from our lives. Namely the blockages and resistances.

To bring something into my life

The time to burn a candle is best between new moon and full moon, we want to complete a project and are looking for support, the dream house or the dream trip need financial support etc.

Then you best get a brown coaster. Brown because it is grounded and thus serves the manifestation.

When it comes to finances in any form, then a green candle is absolutely beneficial.

Now you write your wish back on a piece of paper (in the end I would like to add: smoothly, full of joy and lightness so that it is really easy) and then burn off the candle.

Candles are magical now

and should be treated as such. Please only delete the candles with a candle extinguisher, otherwise the magic is lost.

The candles can be disposed of after burning. Best of all you thank the candle for helping you make your project come true.

Crystal skulls love this magic

They like to help you keep the energy. I like to use this kind of magic for house cleaning, earth healing, projects, healing sessions etc. Then the candle is in the middle and the skulls are lined up in a circle.

Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

For my facebook group I did some research on the internet for the element fire. Here are the results:

The Element Fire Forceful

ARIES (March 21 - April 19), LEO (July 23 - August 22) & amp; SAGITTARIUS
(22nd November - 21st December)
Fire gives warmth and light, but it can not exist alone. The same
applies to people who were born in the element fire. you are
passionate, warm and glow in every room. They are the life of
Party and your natural intensity that others take notice of
You become a born leader. They follow your gut feeling and get involved
for what you believe. Of the four elements, fire is by far the
most entertaining, most striking and dynamic. You have the power of
Transformation and can transform any negative situation into a positive one
But be careful. You can also easily put a positive in a negative
convert. Your passion quickly becomes a hassle and blinds you when
They get injured nearby. If it is not included, it spreads
Fire on everything nearby and you too. They are often unfaithful and will
follow any hint to serve your own interest. Fire needs
other elements to survive. As the air grows it becomes
constantly burning on earth. The same goes for you. Your relatives are
that which keeps you motivated and stable. Without them, your passion becomes
Obsession and you exhaust yourself quickly.
• Passionate
• Bright >
• Charismatic
• focused
• Decisive
• daring
• vulnerable to anger and anger
• Obsessive
• Faithless
• Jealous
• Easily irritable
• Vengeful

Fire is with Strength, activity, blood and vitality combined. It is also considered highly purifying and felt protective, consumes impurities and drives the darkness back.
Fire is traditionally based on his masculine characteristics (the
female characteristics were superior) considered spiritual element of the physical elements.

It does not have any
physical existence, produces light and has a transformative power when it is comes in contact with more physical material.
• Qualities: warm, dry
• Gender: male (active)
• Elemental: Salamander (here refers to a mythological
Beast-creature that might go up in flames)
• Golden Dawn direction: South
• Golden Dawn Color: Red
• Magic Tool: Sword, Athame, Dagger, sometimes Magic Wand
• Planets: Sol (Sun), Mars
• Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
• Season: Summer
• Time: noon

fire matches the will


experience and development of optimism, confidence, hope, creativity, imagination,
Change, movement, action, competition, trade, enterprise as well as the
Ability or task to face challenges, to do something in
To make or change something.

In the Feng Shui Teaching are the following elements:

Each of the five elements has different characteristics.
Here you can check if one of the properties given below is special
is pronounced. This then dominates in our environment and this energy can then be reduced (if desired) by appropriate use of a
other element, because in this cycle the elements weaken
In addition, each element is connected to the other four.

Fire (south)
Hysterical, hypersensitive, dramatic, belligerent, explosive.
Balancing through wood and earth.
The fire color: red.
Shape: pointed, sharp-edged.

Fire element in Construction and destruction cycles

Feng Shui recognizes that nature is cyclical and describes building and construction
Destruction cycles. In the construction cycle, all elements are replaced by different ones
Elements support or reinforce, and these reinforce different ones
Elements. In the cycle of destruction, all elements weaken certain others
Elements and are weakened by different elements.

In the construction cycle, the fire nourishes the earth (by producing ashes) and is destroyed by
Wood (which feeds a fire) nourished.
In the cycle of destruction, water weakens the fire (by dousing it)
and the fire weakens metal (by melting it).

Native American Medicine Wheel

The 5th stone of the medicine wheel is dedicated to the element whose spiritual manifestation is the Thunderbird

When building the medicine wheel, we put the stone on the inner circle just south of the west. The Thunder Bird is a mystical figure from the legends of the Indians. He is huge and can fling lightning from his enormous wings on the earth. The vegetable equivalent of the element fire is the narrow-leaved willow-herb (epilobium augustifolium), also called fire-herb.

The equivalent of the element of fire from the realm of minerals is the lava rock, the best known of which is the basalt. Lava rock, born of fire, from the depths of Mother Earth, offers all the children of the earth, inner depth, development and clarity. Those who engage in meditation with lava rock will find many profound teachings. The color for the element fire and the thunder bird is of course red. This color can be used if you need physical strength or to perform a specific project. Even for times in which fearlessness or fighting spirit is needed, the color red is good to use. Keep in mind, however, that fearlessness and fighting spirit are not needed all the time. Otherwise serious problems could occur.


Color: red

Influence: protection, strength,
sexual passion, energy, action, purification, courage, vitality

Metals: gold or brass

Season: Summer

Time of day: noon

Angel: Ariel

Incense: Frankincense

Stone: Fire Opal

Direction: South / Guardian: Notus "Lord of the Light"

Astrological signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Planet: Mars and Sun

Items: Wall

In the South the sun burns, the fire

The element fire belongs to the south like the midday heat, the summer, the mature woman and the mature man.
Feelings like love and passion become the South whose color is red

Food Fire

Fire - bitter, spiky, orange to red

The foods in this element are dehydrating, metabolising, feverish, and during summer heat, the body's own cooling system is stimulated. Dishes made from ingredients that mostly belong to the element of fire are therefore recommended during summertime, before and during diets and to support sports activities.

Food from the element

Cacao products: dark chocolate, cocoa, cocoa beverage unsweetened <br> Fruit: elderberry, grapefruit, quince

Vegetables and salads: parsnips, lettuce, chicory, dandelion, arugula, artichokes

Herbs and spices: Mediterranean herbs, Paprika, juniper and berries, poppy

Basic foods: rye, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat

Meat and meat products: grilled meats, cevapcici, grilled sausages, grilled meat substitutes and sheep, lamb and goat meat and products

Sheep and goat milk and products

Beverages: Black and green tea, cereal and bean coffee, mulled wine and hot drinks in general, moreover red wine, brandy, pils


Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

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The Element of water is so diverse, I wasn’t aware of it until now. Because of covering this topic in our Facebook group, I have dealt more entensively with this element. The result is this article (sources at the end of the article):


Cancer, scorpio and pisces for the watersigns.
Water: blue
For the element water Cancers, scorpios and pisces are counted. They all have deep emotionality, great empathy and sensitivity in common. The soul can be as deep as the water - its unfathomable depths. Watersigns understand and act intuitively, but they also run the risk.
Retreat and social interaction are important for the zodiac sign of the element water. In addition, watermarks are also culturally and artistically interested. A lack of the element water in the horoscope can be expressed in emotional inhibitions.
The element of water is livable. Water is assigned to the properties cold and damp. Its direction is north. Water stands for life, wisdom, perseverance and constancy. Water can be found in the sign of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water people are outstanding stable personalities. Their color is turquoise and aqua.

The medicine wheel to Sun Bear

The element water

The Frog

the 8th stone


Mineral: pebble

Plant: algae

Animal: Frog

Color blue-green

The 8th stone of the medicine wheel is dedicated to the element of water. The element water belongs to the frog clan.

The frogs, with their funny looks and wonderful songs, teach us something about joy, humor and communication. You also have other lessons and help for us humans.

The frog clan's stone is the last in the inner seven-stone circle of the medicine wheel. Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and the four Elements Spirits, by the Creator, help us to build and maintain our home. They also pay attention to us and our relationships and help us grow spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally when we ask and listen to them.

The alga is the plant that is assigned to the element of water. When dealing with the algae, there comes a great respect and reverence for the creation. There are so many types of algae and each one is different. Also, the biological assignment is not so clear for some. Some belong more to the animal kingdom, but also to no one really. Some are up to 65 m long, others are tiny and move in the plankton area. Some algae are used for nutrition. So about 3 million tons per year are harvested for the diet. Other algae are significantly involved in the oxygen production of our atmosphere. As a breeding ground for microorganisms, as an additive to fireproof textiles, as an additive to food and as packaging material.

The algae are rich in life energy.

The totem from the mineral kingdom are pebbles or boulders for the element water. Before a man takes a boulder, one should leave his gaze and come with you to teach you about your connection to the water and your understanding of emotions.

The native Americans worshiped the boulders, the two elements, the elements of the earth and the elements of the water. This can make water medicine more accessible to some people.

Boulders help with healing, cleansing, stabilizing or changing one's life. When working with boulders, you can let go negative patterns, especially the emotional ones. The bristles are most effective when working with their natural environment. These stones are soothing, calming and healing on deep physical and emotional levels. They can produce real, tangible, and unshakeable changes. Boulders are sometimes helpful in problems that come from nonfunctional family systems. They help to dismiss people.

The color that represents the element is teal. It is the color of the ocean on a cloudless summer day. This color is used to cleanse, purify and soothe body, mind and soul. If you surround yourself with this color, healing, happiness and contentment will be encouraged.

I wasn't aware that Yoga and the elements are connected:

The Water Element

Associated with qualities such as flow, softness, and adaptability, the water element is healing, calming, and nourishing for all levels of our being. Recall the peaceful sound of a fountain, a relaxing day by the sea or the rejuvenating rush of a waterfall — water makes us feel better.
It’s not surprising that water is the element associated with the third (or sacral) chakra, which is the seat of our emotions. We not only cultivate fluidity and playfulness, but also softness as well a certain degree of sensitivity as we bring more water into our practice. Our yoga becomes more nurturing and less forceful.
Water is also contained in the pelvis, governing the hips, so the following poses are focused on bringing you into the waters of our low bellies (where the tops of the legs meet the torso). Invite more of the soothing, fluid qualities of the water element into your yoga practice with the following three poses:

1. Cat/Cow Pose
Synchronizing movement with breath to create a continuous and deliberate flow is one of the main ways we play with water on the mat.
Spend some time doing five rounds of Cat/Cow, lengthening and creating flexibility and mobility through the spine. Concentrate on the tilt and tuck of the pelvic bowl as you initiate the movements with your inhales and exhales.
To really feel connected to the element of water in your Cat/Cows, close your eyes and just begin to move the spine in whatever way feels good. Try a few hip circles, side to side movements, and roll your rib cage around as you become more fluid.

2. Bound Angle Pose
A pretty standard pose for the second chakra, Baddha Konasana, or Bound Angle Pose, brings us right into the waters of pelvis, opening the hips and groin, while calming and cooling the mind.
Seated, place the soles of your feet together and knees out to the sides. Strongly press your feet together and focus on rolling your inner thighs forward and down as you hinge forward at the hip creases.
To invite more water into the pose, consciously release and soften your low belly as you deepen your breath.

3. Low Lunge
Low Lunge, or Anjenyasana, drops us into our pelvis, opening the hip flexors and thighs while the strong root of the tailbone down connects us to the earth element and the lift in the core connects us to the fire element.
Make sure that your front foot and back knee are at least hip distance apart.
Deeply bend your front knee, sinking into the pelvis, lengthen your tailbone down to the floor and draw your low belly up away from your front thigh.
Practice with the intention of bringing more water into your body and notice how it softens everything from your body and mind to your personality and ego.

Food of the element water

Too much salt hardens. 
The salty taste in its origin has a wonderfully softening effect. It includes everything that smells of the sea, such as sea algae, fish or seafood. Seaweed is used in many Asian countries as a prevention and treatment for cancer. We all consume too much salt, namely with salty sausages and cheese, finished products, mineral water, etc. In excess, salt does not soften but harden. It dries up the body. The body needs the good juices, especially the kidneys (yin). There is a risk that the salt will deprive the bone of the important minerals.

In Asian countries, the problem of osteoporosis (bone decalcification) is still unknown. In these countries, regular consumption of seaweed and avoidance of dairy products ensures that the bones are perfectly cared for with calcium. Sea algae contain many important minerals. The down and inward action of these marine algae causes the body to store these minerals in the bones. The calcium in the milk, on the other hand, deposits on the outside of the bones, possibly causing joint problems. Therefore, in Asian countries, the use of milk and dairy products is avoided as much as possible.

Feng Shui


Energy: Fluid

Shape: Wavy

Colors: Black, dark tones

Season: Winter

Design Ideas to Activate Flow/Energy: Fountains, fish tanks, mirrors

Water's Attributes

Water is primarily yin although it can also have yang elements. This means it is primarily feminine and receptive, although when water flows aggressively, such as in a river or powerful ocean waves, it can have more attributes of yang (masculine, aggressive). Water flows smoothly and easily, working its way gently around obstacles without surrendering its nature.

Destructive Cycle

In the destructive cycle, water is weakened by earth and it weakens fire. This means if you have too much of a water element or the water energy is too strong in a space, you can weaken it by adding a few (not too many) elements of earth. Likewise, if you have too much fire energy in a location, you can lessen its impact by adding elements of water.

Constructive Cycle

In the constructive cycle, metal nurtures water and water nurtures wood. This means in areas where you have water energy and wish to support that energy, you can do so by adding elements of metal, just as you can use elements of water in wood areas to nurture the wood element.


Water's colors are blues and aquas. For water with more of a yang quality, the color is black. Using these colors in your decorating schemes will bring the vital element of water wherever you use it.


The most obvious materials to add the water element to a space are items containing water themselves, such as fish tanks, water features, and fountains. Glass and mirrors can also represent the water element as can any art depicting water. Fish, sea creatures, jugs, and other water vessels also represent the water element in spaces. Because water is primarily yin in nature, objects and art with curved lines can display this energy (as opposed to straight lines and sharp angles for yang).

Other Attributes

Water has other attributes as well.

  • In feng shui, it represents luck and wealth.
  • It is related to the planet Mercury and the Moon.
  • The feng shui element associated with water is the black turtle.

Water and the Traditional Bagua

Kan trigram

On the bagua associated with the traditional school of feng shui, water is represented in one trigram, Kan. The Kan trigram contains one yang line surrounded by two yin lines.

On the traditional bagua, Kan is located in the North sector of a home, room, or space. This area governs the energy of career and work, so using water colors and decorative elements in this space can help create auspicious chi in this aspect of your life. You can further strengthen the water sector by feeding it with elements of metal, which nurture water.

The element of water in Tarot

In Tarot, the element of water is represented by the chalice.
Numerous associations are suggested: the Holy Grail is a goblet, and those who drink it experience miraculous healing; likewise, the chalice, and thus the water element, is connected to the moon and its crescent shape, which forms a sort of chalice, when the two tips of the sickle are directed upwards. A beautiful and modern interpretation of the myth of the Grail shows the film Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford ... best wisdom, packed in the best entertainment, and highly emotional!

Even on the physical level, the moon is heavily impacting the water, as well as our emotions. The word "moody" refers to Ms. Luna, the moon that stirs up the inner waters. In the past this was probably even more true. Today, the light of the moon is drowned out more and more by the numerous artificial lightings. It can also be assumed that the artificial lights intervene in the natural time rhythm of humans (and the animals, and the plants), making it harder for people to tune into and live with the natural rhythms. It is hardly a coincidence that the psychoanalysis exploring the unconscious came about at the same time as the electric lights began to spread throughout the cities and illuminate the darkness of the night.

The color of the goblets always has a friendly and loving energy. Attributed to them are themes such as love, friendship, enjoyment, abundance and joy, but also the mourning for loss, nostalgia, melancholy and a tendency to indulge in illusions - the same topics ranging from 200 - 400 in the scale of consciousness David R. Hawkins can be found again where the emphasis is on emotions and social structures.

In the big arcane, the water element is present in many cards: in the fool, hermits, and in the court as snow and ice-covered mountains in the background, suggesting that the emotional quality is present as potential, but consciously or unconsciously. is not lived out.

The chalice as a water symbol is of course one of the tools of the magician, who plays with all elements and thus creates the world, but also the temperance has two chalices, the contents of which balances them. You see them with one foot ashore, with the other foot in the water; she is a frontier worker who has access to both the conscious and the unconscious. Related to modesty is the star, likewise a female figure, who stands with one foot in the water, with the other foot ashore; However, it is more spacious and carefree than the moderation and allows the water to flow out of two simple clay jugs.

Furthermore, the water is also found as a sea behind the curtain of the High Priestess, who wears a lunar crown and guards access to the unconscious; the emotions flow as a merry brook through the land of the ruler, as a small but necessary trickle past the throne of the ruler; In the image of the car, a moat surrounds the city, protecting it from foreign intruders. On the map of death we find a river in the background with a ship on it - a picture of Lethe with his ferryman Charon, who leads the souls into the realm of death? The map of the moon is of course very watery, eerie animals come out of the water and bring nightmares and visions of the unconscious highly conscious; the high priestess has opened the way. Finally, at the court, the called souls emerge from the sea and aspire to the heights.


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Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

For my Facebook Group I was gathering all the information that I could find to give us more ideas about the element earth. I was surprised how much I could find. And decided that this has to be a blog article.

As said, I gathered the information on the internet. German and English. My sources are at the end of the article to make sure they get the credit!


TAURUS (April 20-May 20), VIRGO (August 23-September 22), CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)
The Earth is stable and reliable, yet constantly working and moving. Those with the Earth element share these traits. You are practical and logical and stand firm in your convictions. You learn through experience, which is never difficult for a curious person like yourself. You aren’t interested in unrealistic dreams, but rather you believe in setting achievable goals that are attained through hard work.
You are an artist and love to create. Your home is welcoming and warm and always open to friends and family, which is fitting considering you’re a bit of a homebody. While you are always friendly, you do not let people into the inner circle easily. However, once you do, you are loyal to a fault. On the opposite side of this, you can sometimes be overprotective. As it is impossible to stop the world from turning, it is also impossible to change your mind once it has been made up. You are stubborn and bull-headed and will often stick to your position for no other reason than it is your position. In relationships, you are empathetic and nurturing and don’t mind waiting out a few rough patches. But be careful, this also makes it easy for others to walk all over you.
• Stable and consistent
• Hard-working
• Loyal
• Nurturing
• Logical
• Empathetic
• Lazy
• Scornful
• Overly cautious
• Stubborn to the point of impractical
• Rigid Earth is the element of stability, groundedness, fertility, materiality, potential, and stillness. Earth can also be an element of beginnings and endings, or death and rebirth, as life comes from the ground and then decomposes back into the earth after death.
Qualities: Cold, Dry
Gender: Feminine (passive)
Elemental: Gnomes
Golden Dawn Direction: North
Golden Dawn Color: Green
Magical Tool: Pentacle
Planets: Saturn
Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Season: Winter
Time of Day: Midnight

The earth in shamanism is described as follows:

Color: brown
Influence: money, fertility, sensuality, body, nature, birth, creativity
Metals: lead or iron
Season: winter
Time of day: midnight
Angel: Gabriel
Incense: Storax
Stone: rock crystal
Direction: North / Guardian: Boreas "Black Bull of the North"
Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Planet: Saturn
Items: Drudenfuss
(magic sign = pentagonal sign / pentagram.) It served on the threshold as a defense against "Druden" and to deter the devil). A Drude is a wicked female night spirit that causes anxiety dreams. (Please do not confuse it with the druid Merlin) Here is the explanation from wikipedia for Drude:

The Indian medicine wheel

The doctrine of the Indians in the medicine wheel has similar elements, yet this teaching is somewhat different.
The medicine wheel is a symbol system of the universe, a wheel on which everything has its place. On this wheel are in the cardinal directions, the 4 main seats, which are each assigned to one of the four elements. The medicine wheel is change, life, death, birth and learning. It is the cycle of everything that exists. The circle is the way and for those who understand the circle is their mirror. The circle can then be understood if one imagines it as a mirror, mirror of our self.

Earth (west)
Color: Black

Card Sets like Tarot or Lenormand

Experience and development of persistence and down-to-earthiness, safety, contentment, realism, physicality, sensuality, success, financial gain, self-esteem and the ability or task to realize real and tangible goals, to preserve and preserve material, to acquire new useful skills, Order to build structures and systems.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui there are 5 elements that nourish each other but can also destroy. I found that exciting at the time when I first discovered Feng Shui. For example, Wood breaks up the Earth, Wood is nourished by the water. 
The Earth is broken up by the Wood, Metal grows in it.

Earth (southwest / northeast)
Dependent, cautious, slow, indecisive, jealous.
Balancing by fire and metal.
The earth color: yellow, brown, ocher and orange.
Shape: horizontal, uniform and flat.

If you want to support the earth element in your house or around you, you could use these colors. If you have to much Earth, then you should not wear these colors or have them a lot around you.

Earth stands for stability. In general, Earth people tend to be more concerned about safety and are usually a little inflexible and conservative. It takes some overcoming to break out of stagnant structures and take a completely new direction. A person with a lot of earth is best compared to a mound. The higher the mountain and the tighter the individual layers of earth are connected to each other, the immobile and insurmountable becomes the Wall.


If the earth is missing in a constellation or is only weakly represented, this can be manifested among other things by flightiness and lack of endurance. Such people do not like to stay in one place for a long time and quickly change jobs, their place of residence or even their partner when the first more serious obstacles open up.


But earth also stands for family cohesion in a broader sense. People with a high percentage of earth are very reliable contemporaries who are capable of long-term and stable bonds. Family and friends are very important to these people and are often the focus of attention.


People with a high proportion of soil persistently conserve ancient knowledge. So they are often passionate collectors who are difficult to separate from things. Their cabinets are sometimes real treasure troves and are home to treasures from the past.


Yang Earth people are often smart minds and pragmatic thinkers who never lose the reference to reality. They think analytically and are thus able to separate good from bad or meaningful from useless. Logic is one of their absolute strengths. Yang Earth is very rational and acts strictly on the cost-benefit principle. The question "What's in it for me?" Plays a key role in such people.


Yin-earth, on the other hand, is self-sacrificing and likes to feel responsible for others. At the same time she spends herself at times, because Yin-earth always thinks of herself last. With their maternal and friendly nature, such people like to take care of the allegedly weaker and are always concerned about the well-being of others. Out of sheer worry, these people often forget themselves and do not pay attention to replenish their own batteries in time.


Yin-Earth likes to double-save and is afraid to live in unstable conditions. Therefore, it may also be related to relationships that are already broken. Or she stays at work, although she does not feel well. This immobility manifests itself in many Yin-Earth people also physically by overweight, which does not want to melt even with the help of diets.

The mother in itself corresponds to the element earth. We owe our existence to her. It provides food and a well-balanced family life and brings stability or stability, connected and tranquility into everyday life. Although perhaps not all of them see it that way, at least the theory says so.

The extreme midday heat of the fire energy is weakening, the afternoon is breaking. The fruitful season of the year has begun and the ripe fruits on the fields can be harvested.

Element Earth Trading Card of
Christiane Witt - Feng Shui Consulting

nourishing element cycle Christiane Witt - Feng Shui Consulting
The element earth can also make you clumsy and tough. Houses, for example, which stand on the so-called earth axis (southwest / northeast), are slow, i. the people in it tend, e.g. to leave things behind. In extreme cases, they can become Messies and may even be advisory-resistant.

Too much of the earth element seems stagnant, nothing moves anymore. Because the element metal, eg. the use of the color white. Metal takes the weight of the earth element. It deprives him of energy because metal in the five-element cycle is nourished by the earth or consumes metal on the earth.

Movement is also brought about by setting "wood" accents (more on this on the trading card wood). It makes use of the already mentioned in the other elements clash between two elements to use. The wood extracts nutrients from the soil.

If you want to be "earthy" set up, then you set up antiques, heavy sideboards, chests or farm furniture. Suitable colors are yellow, terra cotta, earth tones, but also gray.

The earth is resting in the north
In the north, coldness, hardness and darkness prevail, the element is the earth. It is the time of the night, the winter, the death, the time of the break in which the forces are gathered for the next cycle. Green and brown represent the earth.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, there are five elements, these are earth, water, fire, metal and wood. Each element is assigned a specific flavor component, shape and color. The integration is not only based on the look and the aromas, but also on nutritional values.
Nutrition, lifestyle and medicine are not considered as three independent components in the Far East, they form a unit that is integrated into everyday life. In Asia, a healthy lifestyle is not only practiced when a disease is present, but to prevent it. In western countries, this nutritional wisdom is known as the Five Elements Diet. In order for the food to complement each other ideally, at least one ingredient should be present in each food of each element. When which element predominates depends, among other things, on the season. As a rule, only fresh seasonal foods are used, frozen foods and finished products are rejected.

The Five Elements Diet and Their Food Assignment

Earth - sweet, flat, from yellowish to brown
The foods from the earth element have a balancing, harmonizing and extremely nutrient-rich. It is advisable to enrich dishes during the seasonal transitions with ingredients mainly from the element earth. Bridging and change are always stressful for the human body and require special compensation.
Foods from the earth element:
Confectionery and sweeteners: Natural and dietetic sweeteners
Fruit: sweet fruit, lime, apricots, peaches, figs, dates, melons, mangoes, grapes, bananas, pineapples, raisins and other dried fruit
Vegetables / Oils / Nuts: Cabbage and cabbage, kohlrabis, cauliflower, broccoli, cauliflower, chard, spinach, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, avocados, legumes, carrots, celery, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and other oils, nuts, chestnuts , Seeds
Herbs and spices: vanilla, tarragon, saffron
Staple foods: barley, sweet rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and corn flour (polenta)
Meat / meat substitutes / eggs / mushrooms: beef, soy and lupine products, eggs and mushrooms
Milk and milk products and substitutes for milk: milk, cream, butter, buttermilk; Soy and lupine milk
Beverages: sweet and sweetened (alcoholic) drinks

Source:…/the-four-elements-finding-your-eleme…und as well as: and and

And I am sure there is more to the element earth than we could see in this short article.

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All the love for you

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