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Candle Magic in between

Candle magic is a science in itself and absolutely logical. But also leaves a lot of room for interpretation and adjustments.

I learned candle magic in a 6-week course, it was very informative and gave me a new understanding of astrology, colors, oils and shapes.

This is how the skull candles were created that have their own magic.

But from time to time it is necessary that we need something very fast, a solution to a problem is needed. Here is this article:

First, please get fireproof coasters and a piece of paper. In addition thicker candle and a candle extinguisher.

Then please make it clear what it is about. Is it a blockade to be solved, it is something that should be brought into your life. Then it's about when the candle should be burned down exactly.
Release blockages

Would you like to receive something, but there are blockages / resistances?

Then your topic is: release blockages.

For this you write on a note, for example following sentence: I ask for the solution of blockages and resistances for ___________ (for example, my dream trip to the caribbean, my dream house address, my project)

It's best to burn a white candle here. The note comes to the table, the fireproof pad on it, and then the candle. Gladly meditate on it as soon as the candle is lit.

The lighting of this candle should be between full moon and new moon if possible because we want to let go of something, released from our lives. Namely the blockages and resistances.

To bring something into my life

The time to burn a candle is best between new moon and full moon, we want to complete a project and are looking for support, the dream house or the dream trip need financial support etc.

Then you best get a brown coaster. Brown because it is grounded and thus serves the manifestation.

When it comes to finances in any form, then a green candle is absolutely beneficial.

Now you write your wish back on a piece of paper (in the end I would like to add: smoothly, full of joy and lightness so that it is really easy) and then burn off the candle.

Candles are magical now

and should be treated as such. Please only delete the candles with a candle extinguisher, otherwise the magic is lost.

The candles can be disposed of after burning. Best of all you thank the candle for helping you make your project come true.

Crystal skulls love this magic

They like to help you keep the energy. I like to use this kind of magic for house cleaning, earth healing, projects, healing sessions etc. Then the candle is in the middle and the skulls are lined up in a circle.

Questions or recommendations, feel free to comment or send me an email via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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