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Body Coaching

A body coaching (from my body-mind-spirit coaching program) refers to what your body expresses.

The soul lives in our body, it uses the body as a vessel to travel through the duality. When we sleep, our soul likes to travel and be connected with the soul family and spiritual guidance. However, when we are awake, the body is the temple for the soul. The place where she lives during the incarnation.
Our body signals us when we are not well. We have pain at certain parts of the body mostly caused by an incident. For example, with the foot bent over because we "stumbled" over a stone or a root during the walk. The  soul expresses itself in the universal language.

Examples are:
- Headache caused by a tense shoulder-neck area: We put too much pressure on ourselves or others, put ourselves under pressure, want to achieve too much, want to be perfect
- Hip pain shows us that we are either too fast or too slow going through life, or possibly pressed into a speed in our lives that does not suit us
- Cancer in the chest: self-love may be learned
- Cold: What we cannot smell, coupled with respiratory problems: What takes us the air to breathe away
And much more.

So if you have certain physical problems, check the internet. For the search term, it is best to always add spiritual meaning or metaphysical, then the search results are already pre-filtered. Most things are self-explanatory.

In a body coaching I go to the causes of your physical ailments, we are looking together for the tools that help you to find the way of the soul or to clarify the access to the soul. You will also get "homework" from me.
For the physical aspect, I will treat you with a shamanic method. I work in a trance, out of space and time and with all the tools you need now. To support the physical healing, I'll write you a light language grid that leads to the final cure in the long term.

E.g. I have written here a Light Language grid for the healing of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland has something to do with expressing our self because it belongs to the throat chakra. To express oneself (can) or express one's soul.

"The thyroid represents development and maturation. The level of the symptoms, with its slowing down and thickening of the skin (myxedema), shows the isolation from the outside world (hiding behind thick walls). Hypothyroidism often suffers from a lack of roots. Everything leaves them cold (missing connection / exchange), they put themselves to death, have a lack of interest in life. Your life lacks the sweetness. [...] withdrawing to oneself, seeking refuge behind thick walls: contemplating retreat into a monastic, meditative life situation; be aware of what needs to happen; let all the old die; Dealing with death. "
(Taken from the book "Illness as a Symbol" by Rüdiger Dahlke,

The physical symptom is the pathological change of the thyroid gland, the psychic theme is the self-expression, entrenching oneself, etc.

After some time we will have a follow-up appointment to see where you stand after the coaching and the treatments that have taken place and what questions that have arisen in the meantime I can answer you.
My heart's desire is that you can strengthen yourself through our appointments and treatments and work on you and your topics with a new perspective

Book your Mini-Body-Mind-Spirit-Coaching to learn more.  

Questions or suggestions, please comment below or send me a message via contact.  

All the love  

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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