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The aura is the energy coat we bring with us on every incarnation. Our soul coat, if you like.
What is the aura?

There are 7 aura layers:

7 - Physical shell
6 - Ethereal shell
5 - Emotional body
4 - mental body
3 - causal envelope
2 - soul shell
1 - Great soul

In many cultures, the treatment of the chakras, the aura and the nadis and the prana flow is part of the healing process. Each aura layer is connected to one of the 7 main chakras. e.g. the physical shell (# 7) with the root chakra (# 1)

We communicate among others. with our aura - being with someone on the same wavelength, noticing when someone comes "too close" to us are features how our subtle body is pronounced.

Our aura has an individual dimension for us - every aura is unique. Some people have a very bright aura, they often draw other people close to them and often realize later, as they were literally "sucked". Here it is necessary to protect or purify the aura. This can be done via a method like LMPT, where at the same time blockages can flow away.

What is stored in the aura:

As already mentioned, the aura is your soul energy mantle. Here are the memories of previous incarnation saved. Injuries have occurred, any holes due to physical injuries, experiences that make you act differently today than you feel right etc.

When I was seen at an Aura reading years ago, the guy saw that I had a huge wound in the stomach area. That was a shot that came in from one of my other incarnations and where I died. This hole affected my heart chakra, my solar plexus, and my sacral chakra. Can you imagine how I felt? Thankfully, the one who read the aura for me could close this hole.

How can the aura be cleansed or cured?

As already mentioned, I use e.g. the method LMPT to purify my aura. But also in cooperation with the crystal skulls the aura can be wonderfully cleansed and healed. In addition, I have a shamanic technique that cleans the aura and then flooded again with golden light.

What you can do to cleanse your aura on your own:

Take a moment and go to a meditation. Imagine bathing in white light and being completely surrounded by it. See if you perceive black spots or if you notice unevenness. Something that is not light or feels light. Go there with your attention and ask for golden divine light to repair this spot. Do this for all the places you discover and for as long as it feels right for you.

You can also ask Archangel Michael for help. Ask him to eliminate all the negative energies in your system and replenish your system with bright and light energies. You can also go to sleep during his healing for you.

These are two methods that are simple and effective. If you have crystal skulls please ask for support from them. It does not depend on the crystal itself, let the skull decide who helps and supports today. Can you already perceive what your skulls want, then follow the instructions of the skulls or the skull. If you do not notice it, please help with the white light or Archangel Michael as well. Your skull will not mind you if you use different energies because he / she wants you to be fine.

And if you're on the go, you can work well with a spray for cleansing. Put some sage essential oil in a spray bottle with alcohol and distilled water to spray into your aura. That cleans at least what is allowed to go fast.

How you can protect your aura in the future:

First of all, it is about learning tasks that are reflected in the aura. This can be shown, among other things, by feelings that resonate with you. Then you have to edit this topic. I gladly support you in a Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching. book your Mini Coaching on Facebook or send me an email to Kerstin@ajasha.de.

Then, of course, being a particularly empathetic person, you can pick up all these things "just" somewhere. Whether at a family party or shopping that does not matter. It is important that you are aware that you are so receptive, also understand the service behind them and let go of these energies.

You can also use the Detoxing Energy.

In order not to let anything "new" into your energy field, it is important to deal with all resonant fields, gradually understands itself.

Secondly, every time you leave the house you can imagine that you are walking out in a white bubble of light. Archangel Michael can give you protection as well. Request for protection by Archangel Michael for this situation.

I go for example with a small packet filled with a lepidolite, tourmaline, quartz, malachite and rose quartz in my purse out of the house.


Absolutely one hundred percent protection will not exist. Because you would then no longer feel and receive your learning tasks. That is not the goal of your soul. Look at what exactly is behind these individual tasks and learn from it. This is the goal of your incarnation, guided by your soul.

For questions comment here or send me a message via the contact form

All the Love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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