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Are Crystal Skulls something I want?

In my blog post "Why Crystal Skulls" , I have already discussed why there are crystal skulls.

However, the question of whether the crystal skulls are something for you is far from being answered.

We'll catch up here.

Of course I could say generally that crystal skulls are already something for you because you are reading this post.

Now, it's true that someone is quite interested in crystal skulls, in their work, in the cards, and likes to look at them, but the reports, such as the travelogue, do not seem to be impressed otherwise. Then I can say it is not (yet) for you to be a crystal skull guardian

For as mentioned in my blog post What does a crystal skull guardian it requires a commitment, a takeover of responsibility to be a crystal skull guardian.

The duties of a Crystal Skull Keeper include:

  • To be hands and feet for our new family members
  • to have an open ear for what the crystal skulls want to tell us
  • to get out of the comfort zone if necessary (such as creating a card deck, opening a blog, getting recipes for a crystal conection oil, etc.)
  • to trust that the Crystal Skull sees a sense in the required action that brings us forward (for example, taking a skull along for a walk without knowing why)

The care of a crystal is of course included. e.g. to carry the crystal skulls into the garden during full moon and to make sure that they can take in the moon energy undisturbed.

The crystal skulls help us with our development. More in my post "Why crystal skull"

However, we must be prepared to open ourselves in a meditation to the crystal skull, let it work even if we may hear nothing or even feel nothing. Sometimes they only work in silence before they express themselves or "move towards us" so that we perceive or hear them. More in the article "Meditation with the crystal skulls - how does that work?"

It is very important to me that we take on our crystal skulls as family members, that they perceive their individual needs and that they are not just decoration in our rooms.

My crystal skulls are e.g. currently very close to me, right at the desk and when I give treatments they are always there. Sometimes only a selection, as it is right.

And even at night, some of them are on my bedside table and one or the other sleeps in my bed. Often I have found that I sleep better with a crystal skull than without. And also that changes.

The questions you ask are the following:

  • I see the crystal skulls as family members and I'm ready to treat them as such
  • I'm ready to engage in the energies of the Crystal Skull
  • I'm ready to move out of my comfort zone through the crystal skulls
  • and most importantly: Am I ready for others to think I'm crazy because I'm working with crystal skulls?

Then welcome as crystal skull guardian.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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