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Am I allowed to earn money with my gift?

Some people have a very different opinion about that and I can only imagine why.

My opinion is the following:

Back then, when there was still the herbalist in the village, the healer and whatever these professions were called, these women were cleaned the huts, brought the food, etc. Also, the village doctor was often paid in natural produce. Because in my opinion is it correct if it is paid for. Here are several reasons:

  • The treated person knows how to appreciate that he / she has undergone a cure and that this has happened through the (traditional) knowledge. This traditional knowledge has mostly been transmitted through a lifelong learning process. For example, Shamans have taken apprentices who then lived with them for years, learned and then practiced this knowledge before they were allowed to move on. By the way, these apprentices have cared for the shanties / home of the shamans. Today, many go to training and pay money that they have worked for in another job.
  • It is an appreciation for ourselves to get an energy balance. The modern currency is currently money, I personally would be totally happy with a home-baked cake or a vegetable selection / fruit selection. Not always, but for those with little money, that's one solution. In my opinion a "thank you" is only okay if we both to an energy exchange, otherwise a "thank you" is easy to say (even if you do not mean it)

  • We as healer must learn that with the "helper syndrome", that is, healing without counter value, we were definitely only able to exhaust ourselves, but could not give the other a lasting cure, since he / she did not feel it, did not appreciate it or was not ready to develop themselves. See also my blog post on topic do I have a helper syndrome

Unfortunately, I have met people who said: It is a gift, so you have to provide it to us for free, that's your job!

No, because if I give them my energy for free, I will soon have a spiritual burnout and I need help myself.

And yes, even the crystal skulls are very willing to help! Most certainly!

But again, the appreciation is a significant part. Appreciation includes that the people who receive the energy are ready to change. And it makes a difference if I get it for free or if I pay for it §40 or §100 or §200€ or give a fruit basket with self-picked fruit.

Feel into yourself if the energy that is been send towards you causes an appreciation inside of you. Incidentally, I can assure you that the crystal skulls have not been flown to me for free and I also have an obligation to appreciate them!

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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