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Ajasha – That’s me

Born 1964 in Hamburg (Germany), a happily married mother of 4 children (3 boys + 1 girl – all grown up and living their own life), a little bit impatient in general and constantly looking for simple solutions.
After my education to become an insurance broker, I was the bookkeeper at a pre-school and worked in direct marketing for 11 years. During this time I not only learned a lot, I started questioning many things as well.

Par example:

Am I content with the life I am living – or is there something missing? Anything I cannot grasp but would give me something - something which would provide me with the necessities to feel joy and have fun.

At that point I started my journey. I re-discovered my psychic powers in August 2011 and began to train myself in the energetic work of the future – through self-awareness and self-discovery. During this process I learned a lot as well as struggled many times, plus I went into resonance with multiple things – I still am. But now – with happiness and joy.

I discovered a great deal of my abilities, some of which I did not know about, others I would have called “impossible”.

As a Medial Shaman I am extremely pleased to show you the way to yourself, give you support with healing yourself and guide your way finding your soul with small “suitable-for-daily-use” aids.

Discover YOUR soul – it’s your friend and your caring companion.

by the way: Ajasha is my soul name

Browse through my website, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I gladly assist you.


Kerstin Ajasha

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