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Ajasha – my soul name

Many ask me what the name Ajasha means. Here is the explanation.

When I was trained in 2011 by a friend in the field of intuition and channeling I was very open and receptive. During a nap I dreamed a lot. And then I heard a voice that said, "Ajasha, go!". And also repeated, so that I heard this command 3x. These are the few moments when I actually hear something. I was baffled! And overwhelmed!

Receiving my soul name in this way was just terrific.

Some get the soul name channeled, but this one is the better way (in my opinion). I had once started the experiment and got the soul name Mara. Only that there are infinite many Mara, so that's in my opinion not the soul name!

A soul name is the sound, the melody that accompanies you. Just like the name given by your parents (whom you whispered to your parents and when all went well). My name is Kerstin, but my soul name is Ajasha. Both have a meaning!

For example, in numerology Kerstin is a 33rd master number and says that this person is very spiritual. Ajasha is a 4 (with the letters 1 being so common that it's cool, only the H is a 5, grins), the 4 stands for grounding, organizational talent, but also flightiness.

The 1 stands e.g. for leadership quality, determination, independence, strength of character and independence, but also authority, recklessness and difficulties of adjustment. And I have that 5 times in my soul name ...... learning curve included!

Together, that makes perfect sense to me.

Of course, the date of birth and last name also play a role in numerology. I do not want to neglect that either. I'm not (yet) an expert in the field.

Incidentally, the letters also have a meaning. This is consistent with my feeling that AJASHA was given by God or Creation.

The soul name is something precious, something sacred. He accompanies you on your way on earth, shows you the way home, gives you the feeling of belonging to the soul family and the courage to go on. The memory of what you are and helps in the connection with the soul.

Questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or send me a request via the contact form.

Wish all love

Kerstin Ajasha and the crystal skulls

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