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5 Tips to overcome a burnout

While I was in my depressive phase of burnout, I also did a lot of research on the internet to read about how others came out of this period of depression.

And again and again I read the same tips, but was not really able to apply them. It cost me some effort and understanding to actually start.

However, I can say that nobody could help me except myself! Nobody would have been able to urge me to shake hands, only I could do that on my own. And while I was desperately looking for an "instant solution", I could only say that they did not exist.

And at some point there was this kick, the kick to open me and at least try these tips:

    1. Music

  • The tip is: listen to the music you like, the music that shakes you. Up Beat Music. Mmmmh, well, that was easier said than done. Alexa was very strange of helping me there. There was music that I did not like to hear. At some point I actually made it, allowed me to let the music work on me and to do my housecleaning with Pink and Blondie without being completely depressed at the end, to make my day with happy music.
  • Every time I slip into this depressive pattern, I make music that cheers me up.

    2. Movement

  • I have been going every day since my diet change, so walking more fast, not running. However, my ambition was to make the 10,000 steps a day. My husband was a great help during this time and actually drove me outside. We went one or two laps every night.
  • Now I make sure again that I do my daily steps, even if the ambition is not yet fully back, I have noticed that movement actually helps in a depression.
  • If running or going for a walk is not for you, take time to put yourself in the nature or do yoga. That's also a kind of movement. Just let it happen
  • Have a date with friends or family and go for a walk

    3. Nutrition:

  • Yes, the diet plays a big role. It can be found on the Internet about how to strengthen the chakras with the right nutrition. For example, the spleen, liver and pancake, i.e. solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra. The following foods can strengthen these two chakras: oats, rice, chickpeas, carrots, oranges, apricots, nectarines, sweet potatoes, so much that is orange or yellow. And if you could eat it warm, that would be awesome
  • Please take care not to eat any food with sugar. In my blog Gesund Leben (please use the translation button) I have some recipes to it (is constantly expanding, so feel free to visit more often or sign up for the newsletter). You may give in to the urge to nibble, but try to eat as much fruit as possible instead of dry fruit. Even a (!) piece of chocolate helps.
  • Look for good teas that will help you to feel good again. For example, green tea is excellent. And a warm cocoa in the evening makes for a good night's sleep, which is also very, very important for curing depression!

4. Talk

  • It has helped me a lot to talk to people about my problem, to be open about it. In particular, I could not fool my husband. And even if he could not always present the solution he would have liked to have, it has always helped to become clearer in the head. Talking to friends about the topic was very helpful too
  • Consider who of your friends may have been burned out or had a depression and can tell you how they came out of it. (The tips are likely to coincide with these here, but it's good to hear it again from other sources)

    5. Meditation and healing from outside

  • A guided meditation on this topic can also help. Check out You Tube if you find something. As already mentioned above, it is the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, for which there are mediations. Or just take calm music and let happen what should happen. Even tears are very redeeming
  • Get a shaman or healer to cleanse the chakras, purify the aura. As an empath we like to grab something, especially if we are already in an unstable condition anyway. Something happened to me on this as well and I was really close to looking for the next train to throw myself in front of it. This energy came from a friend who had just been dealing with job loss in the family and had picked up the energy of the deepest depression and then unconsciously forwarded it to my system. A cleaning is then very helpful. I also offer crystal skull chakra cleansing. Please contact me, because I only offer this individually or during a body-mind-spirit coaching.

Most importantly, you realize that YOU are the only person who can change this condition, that YOU are the only person who can heal the depression or burnout in order to be strengthened in the future and in any case to ensure that You do not fall in again.

Check out my blog post Being empathetic, you'll see that some of your patterns have been shaped since childhood and your system now wants them to be solved.

These tips do not replace the therapist. So if you feel like the o.g. Tips do not help, please go to a therapist!

I gladly support you in your process with my manifold possibilities. Please visit my website and book your Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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