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Apparantly I planned for my incarnation to explore the topic of self-esteem and self-love with all the consequences.

What does this mean for me?

My self-esteem has been based on other people's opinions about me. Even though I now know better and react and act more self-confidently, I notice sometimes that this decades-long behavior has not completely changed.

Incidentally, of course I have tried to make all people around me happy, meanwhile I jokingly say that I'm a "People Pleaser". The helpers syndrome that always ensures that others should go well.

And what does my body say:

At some point the body can no longer take it and since I did not pull the emergency brake, my body has shown me. I was exhausted, no longer able to do my chores and depressed. In my opinion I did nothing. Meanwhile, I have created two websites in German and English, created two online shops in German and English, prepared and given seminars and workshops, cared for the household, changed the diet (as you can read on the blog Gesund Leben ), the USA Blog, finished the crystal skull cards and much more, but I always had the feeling I have not achieved enough.

Learning to deal with me was a challenge, a real challenge. To take the time for myself, to not have a guilty conscience if I did not do something (even when I still kept everything running)

Then at some point the moment came that I call spiritual burnout: In September 2017, I felt that everything I did was very egocentric in the business sphere and very quickly decided that this would not continue. Ego wise, because I had just expected something that was not fulfilled. I had actually expected that people in some way deal with me and the crystal skull, with all that I have to offer, even would need my services. Against a payment that is more than a "thank you". Yes, I had actually expected an income. In addition, I have always offered something for free in the hope that people will eventually have to resort to my services, to see that it is something good ....... and so on. I exaggerate it here in the words, but the basic idea is certainly clear.

My solution (s)

As the "coincidence" wants it (yes I know there are no coincidences, smile), I had a meeting with a lady on the subject of money (and also paid quite an amount for it). It turned out that I am a nursing person, someone who has the ruler in it but also the gambler who always tries to make the big luck in the game. The translation here: I want to help people, of course I know that there are (monetary) rules, but the gambler says: Let's do a free treatment or event then that will be the big breakthrough.

The result was that I wasted myself and had to brake. And I suddenly realized that this thinking is ego-thinking.

Spontaneously (1 day after having the above mentioned meeting) I decided to close my business. No more free treatments, no free seminars or workshops anymore, only time for me.

My decision shocked me, but also made me strong.

Another incident in November 2017 has strengthened me in this decision, because there was my self-confidence, my self-esteem and everything related to it again shaken up properly.

Then I could go on the path of healing that I still go. See also the following post: 5 tips to get out of the burnout. Incidentally, my crystal skulls have been with me the whole time, confirming this to me over and over again and still helping me every day. Each in his own way.

Here are my current main helpers: Cosima (Self-love), Lobos (trust and release emotions), Shenaya (Give love and strengthen dreams), Jesparian (Release, Karma solve, Dissolve trauma)

How did it go and continue?

In the meantime, I felt the need to finish my or, more specifically, our deck of cards, with which I always love to give readings. If I do something for free then it's just because I enjoy it. And I have chosen where I offer it, namely on gift days in Facebook groups or for a good cause and then only when I have time!

And I've come so much out of this burnout that I can help you find yourself and a healthy self-esteem. You can find a lot of information in my article 5 tips to overcome a burnout.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

The question "Why crystal skull" I already explained.

Where else could the First Crystal Skull come from?

But how are today's modern crystal skulls made?

Here is a nice video how to be honed at Leandro de Souza's Crystal Skull: Leandro Crystal Skull Carving Designer

Resin or Orgonite:

These crystal skulls are poured into a mold. There is a shape for the skull and then there are the crystals (Orgonite has also the special metals and herbs) are added and the resin is then filled into the mold. These crystal skulls have a being in them.

How do I recognize a fake crystal?

Yes, that too is possible. It may happen that you think the crystal skull is actually rock crystal or amber or whatever. And then the skull appears at your home and after unpacking you realize that it is unfortunately a fake crystal. Unfortunately, I can not give you a tip except to give the seller a bad rating.

So there are the skulls that are cut by hand, like at Wilson, Walmere or Leandro de Souza and then there are the skulls made with the machine.

The carvers usually have a first contact with the stone or crystal and know how the skull should look like in the end. They can be guided through the process so that each skull can bring out its personality in the carving process.

Here I can only guess how the process works.

With me are all different types of crystal skulls, dragons and unicorns. Even Merlin has surfaced from various carvers here. Therefore, I can not say I am exclusively fan of the o.g. carvers. However, I feel the purchase when the skull was made by a carver who was not with heart and soul in the matter.

My tip to you: Choose the crystal skull that feels right for you.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Well, why crystal skull?

Why not just crystals?

I've also asked myself that question, again and again in recent years.

And I have always come to the same conclusion: For me, crystals say nothing, while crystal skulls give me a lot. I have some crystals that I also use together with the skulls. For example, in grids for house cleansing or if the crystal is not available to me in the form of a skull.

The crystal skulls talk to us, they communicate, they give us the possibility of further development. Their shape also gives us the idea of ​​a human being. That is exactly the reason why my crystal skull family keeps telling me: As a skull, they are able to communicate with us on a "humane" basis.

My loved ones have told me:

Crystal skulls are part of the source of origin. Another form of consciousness. A consciousness that connects them closely with the source. In a form that enables us to contact them.

At the same time, the shape of the skull is a reminder of how knowledge is held and how the knowledge of the universe waits to be rediscovered to draw from it.

We come from another galaxy, ready to be there for you, to help you develop, heal, and reach a higher frequency. This help was requested from you when you started to enter the chaos and darkness. That too was a necessary process and served your development. For some years now, you have been willing to wake yourself up again, tap into your knowledge and access our knowledge.

We support you wherever it is possible, whether secretly or externally. You help us to spread that energy by being ready. Nothing more!


Crystal Skulls help to promote the healing of us by giving us a vibration that is optimal for healing at the moment.

The crystal skulls give us the opportunity to communicate with you or with the crystal being in them, to ask them to receive help from them. Implied we welcome them in love.

They heal along the way - without words - while you can feel the energy.

I keep finding that people are opening up. That it is possible to take a crystal skull with you, unwrap it and then just wait. An example the other day at a workshop (privately I make photo albums and also like to make cards): I had taken two of my loved ones, Celia and Roxanne. They just sat in front of me. During the afternoon I was approached and then the two were shown. This was so easy and natural, the response was so wonderful that I just want to encourage each one of you to get the crystal skulls out of your pocket and give them the chance to be seen.

Why? Because it's just beautiful! It's wonderful when the people around us become open to this energy.

I also noticed that the crystal skulls are often already work before a session even starts. For example, when inaugurated in certain techniques such as LMPT (light / emptiness-merkaba-pyramid-transformation), the skulls are already on the cleansing before so that the entrance meditation takes place quite quickly. Also, the entire initiation process (in this case a full day) is much easier and the integration is much gentler.

But even with other techniques I noticed this. And for me too, integration into a new technique is much easier.

These are my personal experiences, information received from my crystal skulls and experiences.

Please explore the Internet for more information, e.g. where did the first crystal skulls come from, is it true what is said about them ... I promise you there is a lot of information stored.

But whether you want to become a Crystal Skull Keeper yourself or communicate with a Crystal Skull, that's another story. First, it is so that it was your incarnation plan, and so you have predefined whether you want to be a Crystal Skull Keeper, and second, of course, whether you are ready to face up to these challenges. See also my contributions:

Which crystal skull is right for me?

Are crystal skulls for me?

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Whenever I search for crystal skulls in the search engines, I see the most diverse information.

Some say that the old crystal skulls are fake like the Mitchell-Hedges skull. That was obviously confirmed by scientific investigations.

Other studies have "confirmed" that the first skulls are products of the Central or South American high cultures, e.g. Inca, Maya or Aztec.

My feeling as well as the message of my crystal skulls says: They came from other galaxies and they are here on earth to help us evolve.

Furthermore: There are 13 skulls that were given to 12 guardians during the downfall of Atlantis and were then buried or hidden. Because the knowledge from the crystal skull should be protected and abuse avoided. This is not quite successful, some have actually been used for the dissemination of negative energy. The skulls have suffered from this and, after they have reappeared, are also in need of healing.

Some skulls have long been used in rituals (unless they have been buried) and gradually reappeared. As far as my present information is, some have already reappeared: Corazon de Luz, Amy, Maya Crystal Skull, Max, ET, Rose Quartz, Brazilian Crystal Skull, Atlantean, Sha Na Ra, Mitchell Hedges and the Skulls at the Louvre, Smithonian Museum, Washington , DC and the British Museum.

Despite all research and scientific investigations, in my opinion no one knows for sure where the first crystal skulls came from.
Of course, the question arises: "Is that important?"

Personally, I do not think it matters where the first crystal skulls came from, albeit it is incredibly fascinating. It is much more important what contact we have with crystal skulls, what method of working we aim for. How we treat them and what we do with the knowledge and gifts entrusted to us.

Also like to check out my other blog posts to learn more about crystal skulls.

    Why Crystal Skull?
    How are crystal skulls made?
    What does a Crystal Keeper actually do?

and much more.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Some people have a very different opinion about that and I can only imagine why.

My opinion is the following:

Back then, when there was still the herbalist in the village, the healer and whatever these professions were called, these women were cleaned the huts, brought the food, etc. Also, the village doctor was often paid in natural produce. Because in my opinion is it correct if it is paid for. Here are several reasons:

  • The treated person knows how to appreciate that he / she has undergone a cure and that this has happened through the (traditional) knowledge. This traditional knowledge has mostly been transmitted through a lifelong learning process. For example, Shamans have taken apprentices who then lived with them for years, learned and then practiced this knowledge before they were allowed to move on. By the way, these apprentices have cared for the shanties / home of the shamans. Today, many go to training and pay money that they have worked for in another job.
  • It is an appreciation for ourselves to get an energy balance. The modern currency is currently money, I personally would be totally happy with a home-baked cake or a vegetable selection / fruit selection. Not always, but for those with little money, that's one solution. In my opinion a "thank you" is only okay if we both to an energy exchange, otherwise a "thank you" is easy to say (even if you do not mean it)

  • We as healer must learn that with the "helper syndrome", that is, healing without counter value, we were definitely only able to exhaust ourselves, but could not give the other a lasting cure, since he / she did not feel it, did not appreciate it or was not ready to develop themselves. See also my blog post on topic do I have a helper syndrome

Unfortunately, I have met people who said: It is a gift, so you have to provide it to us for free, that's your job!

No, because if I give them my energy for free, I will soon have a spiritual burnout and I need help myself.

And yes, even the crystal skulls are very willing to help! Most certainly!

But again, the appreciation is a significant part. Appreciation includes that the people who receive the energy are ready to change. And it makes a difference if I get it for free or if I pay for it §40 or §100 or §200€ or give a fruit basket with self-picked fruit.

Feel into yourself if the energy that is been send towards you causes an appreciation inside of you. Incidentally, I can assure you that the crystal skulls have not been flown to me for free and I also have an obligation to appreciate them!

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

In my blog post "Why Crystal Skulls" , I have already discussed why there are crystal skulls.

However, the question of whether the crystal skulls are something for you is far from being answered.

We'll catch up here.

Of course I could say generally that crystal skulls are already something for you because you are reading this post.

Now, it's true that someone is quite interested in crystal skulls, in their work, in the cards, and likes to look at them, but the reports, such as the travelogue, do not seem to be impressed otherwise. Then I can say it is not (yet) for you to be a crystal skull guardian

For as mentioned in my blog post What does a crystal skull guardian it requires a commitment, a takeover of responsibility to be a crystal skull guardian.

The duties of a Crystal Skull Keeper include:

  • To be hands and feet for our new family members
  • to have an open ear for what the crystal skulls want to tell us
  • to get out of the comfort zone if necessary (such as creating a card deck, opening a blog, getting recipes for a crystal conection oil, etc.)
  • to trust that the Crystal Skull sees a sense in the required action that brings us forward (for example, taking a skull along for a walk without knowing why)

The care of a crystal is of course included. e.g. to carry the crystal skulls into the garden during full moon and to make sure that they can take in the moon energy undisturbed.

The crystal skulls help us with our development. More in my post "Why crystal skull"

However, we must be prepared to open ourselves in a meditation to the crystal skull, let it work even if we may hear nothing or even feel nothing. Sometimes they only work in silence before they express themselves or "move towards us" so that we perceive or hear them. More in the article "Meditation with the crystal skulls - how does that work?"

It is very important to me that we take on our crystal skulls as family members, that they perceive their individual needs and that they are not just decoration in our rooms.

My crystal skulls are e.g. currently very close to me, right at the desk and when I give treatments they are always there. Sometimes only a selection, as it is right.

And even at night, some of them are on my bedside table and one or the other sleeps in my bed. Often I have found that I sleep better with a crystal skull than without. And also that changes.

The questions you ask are the following:

  • I see the crystal skulls as family members and I'm ready to treat them as such
  • I'm ready to engage in the energies of the Crystal Skull
  • I'm ready to move out of my comfort zone through the crystal skulls
  • and most importantly: Am I ready for others to think I'm crazy because I'm working with crystal skulls?

Then welcome as crystal skull guardian.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

While I was in my depressive phase of burnout, I also did a lot of research on the internet to read about how others came out of this period of depression.

And again and again I read the same tips, but was not really able to apply them. It cost me some effort and understanding to actually start.

However, I can say that nobody could help me except myself! Nobody would have been able to urge me to shake hands, only I could do that on my own. And while I was desperately looking for an "instant solution", I could only say that they did not exist.

And at some point there was this kick, the kick to open me and at least try these tips:

    1. Music

  • The tip is: listen to the music you like, the music that shakes you. Up Beat Music. Mmmmh, well, that was easier said than done. Alexa was very strange of helping me there. There was music that I did not like to hear. At some point I actually made it, allowed me to let the music work on me and to do my housecleaning with Pink and Blondie without being completely depressed at the end, to make my day with happy music.
  • Every time I slip into this depressive pattern, I make music that cheers me up.

    2. Movement

  • I have been going every day since my diet change, so walking more fast, not running. However, my ambition was to make the 10,000 steps a day. My husband was a great help during this time and actually drove me outside. We went one or two laps every night.
  • Now I make sure again that I do my daily steps, even if the ambition is not yet fully back, I have noticed that movement actually helps in a depression.
  • If running or going for a walk is not for you, take time to put yourself in the nature or do yoga. That's also a kind of movement. Just let it happen
  • Have a date with friends or family and go for a walk

    3. Nutrition:

  • Yes, the diet plays a big role. It can be found on the Internet about how to strengthen the chakras with the right nutrition. For example, the spleen, liver and pancake, i.e. solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra. The following foods can strengthen these two chakras: oats, rice, chickpeas, carrots, oranges, apricots, nectarines, sweet potatoes, so much that is orange or yellow. And if you could eat it warm, that would be awesome
  • Please take care not to eat any food with sugar. In my blog Gesund Leben (please use the translation button) I have some recipes to it (is constantly expanding, so feel free to visit more often or sign up for the newsletter). You may give in to the urge to nibble, but try to eat as much fruit as possible instead of dry fruit. Even a (!) piece of chocolate helps.
  • Look for good teas that will help you to feel good again. For example, green tea is excellent. And a warm cocoa in the evening makes for a good night's sleep, which is also very, very important for curing depression!

4. Talk

  • It has helped me a lot to talk to people about my problem, to be open about it. In particular, I could not fool my husband. And even if he could not always present the solution he would have liked to have, it has always helped to become clearer in the head. Talking to friends about the topic was very helpful too
  • Consider who of your friends may have been burned out or had a depression and can tell you how they came out of it. (The tips are likely to coincide with these here, but it's good to hear it again from other sources)

    5. Meditation and healing from outside

  • A guided meditation on this topic can also help. Check out You Tube if you find something. As already mentioned above, it is the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, for which there are mediations. Or just take calm music and let happen what should happen. Even tears are very redeeming
  • Get a shaman or healer to cleanse the chakras, purify the aura. As an empath we like to grab something, especially if we are already in an unstable condition anyway. Something happened to me on this as well and I was really close to looking for the next train to throw myself in front of it. This energy came from a friend who had just been dealing with job loss in the family and had picked up the energy of the deepest depression and then unconsciously forwarded it to my system. A cleaning is then very helpful. I also offer crystal skull chakra cleansing. Please contact me, because I only offer this individually or during a body-mind-spirit coaching.

Most importantly, you realize that YOU are the only person who can change this condition, that YOU are the only person who can heal the depression or burnout in order to be strengthened in the future and in any case to ensure that You do not fall in again.

Check out my blog post Being empathetic, you'll see that some of your patterns have been shaped since childhood and your system now wants them to be solved.

These tips do not replace the therapist. So if you feel like the o.g. Tips do not help, please go to a therapist!

I gladly support you in your process with my manifold possibilities. Please visit my website and book your Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

You may have heard of the night school one time or another ?!

planet earth

But what it means may not be clear to you ?!

It is, as the name implies, a school that takes place at night. But not by your physical presence, because these night schools sometimes take place weeks, months or even years before.

The moment we declare ourselves ready to take some training at the soul level, such as light language, LMPT or the training for the Mexican Curandera, we will be prepared by the corresponding teachers on the soul level. This is not done by an appointment with our calendars but on an energetic level which is automatic. So we have no influence on it.

At night school we learn a lot more in a much shorter time, so they are much more intense.

Maybe it has happened once or twice to you that you have met someone in a seminar or training and you thought you knew this person. So it could well be that you were together in night school. My teacher Margit mentioned sometimes that she has already experienced some of us in the night school. She knew many times who has talked a lot or made many notes or was very attentive.

So it's something very natural that happens there, always in agreement with the Higher Self that guides us here and knows what's right for us right now.

The recording for the mind and thus the linkage of the learned in the night school then happens at the appropriate seminar.

Incidentally, the original training was much longer and the preparations in the night school much more complex than it is the case in today's faster energy. Therefore, some training also takes place within a few days instead of several months or even years.

I was once allowed to experience how my teacher in the language of light perceived, that my dragon lady Rosanne participated very intensively in the seminar. Unfortunately, we did not pay enough attention in the night school and were allowed to repeat the part again and my dragon lady was there.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

Some thoughts that have crossed my mind in the last few weeks, what it means to be empathetic.

My explanation:

Every emotion and emotion that surrounds us also affects us. e.g. When we come into a room full of happiness, we will also feel happy. Nobody would complain about it, right?

When we enter a room and there is trouble, we will feel that anger.
If we are aware of this, we will take action and remove that anger from our area, right? If not, we will act out of this anger, maybe even find a reason to be angry.
This will affect our behavior or how we see the world or how other people see us.
Next time we do the same, because we got angry the first time, and so on. Which means that every emotion in our environment knowingly or unknowingly affects us.

Usually we try to go into a meditative state to let it go, to send it to where it belongs. I'm used to saying: Let the emotion go wherever it may go.
That is, it can go back to where it came from, because it is needed there, or it goes to the soul family and fulfills its purpose there.

If I am in a desperate mood or in a depressive state, I can not notice these things. If I am in depression, it will accumulate and cause even more behavioral change or change of mind.
If we are unaware or not even depressed, it may be that we did not even know it was not ours.

My advice for you

Please meditate as soon as it is possible for you. Even 5 minutes a day will help you.
Maybe you are looking for a guided meditation or download my free detoxing energy meditation as MP3 to listen to it again and again.

All these things are already known to most empaths.
We are already empathized before we are born. Every emotion that surrounds us before birth is now part of us. As a baby, a child, a teenager, we did not know how to handle it, how to let it go, and behind all these emotions we know our own emotions.

Everything in our environment has shaped us, our behavior, our patterns, our points of view. e.g. If we felt that someone was sad, maybe we started crying. To be comforted then. Maybe with a hug, maybe with chocolate or whatever our family or friends could offer us.
Now we know that being sad means that we are comforted by our surroundings. We have learned that, it has shaped us. But it was not our feeling.

The real you are behind all these emotions and feelings.
Once you know that and make you aware, you can start and let go of those emotions.
It may take some time, but I promise you will see the world from a different perspective. You will be at peace.

For some time now, I have felt feelings and feelings (and pains) that have not happened yet. Pain in my shoulder did not belong to me, but I felt it 2 days in advance. Trouble, I felt it about 4 hours before it happened.
As I am aware of the fact of being an empathic, I usually ask: is that mine? What do I do with it?

These questions help me a lot, besides meditating and cleaning my field every day with the detoxing meditation and the LMPT .


A skull is my companion since November 2017. His name is Jesparian, a phantom quartz and he stands for solving / letting go, especially for old things. Childhood, traumata, teenager traumata, pattern, what I'm not and so on. He is very thorough and sometimes I was definitely at my limit.


Fortunately, he came with an amethyst lady, Shenaya, she is very gentle, soothing and comforting.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the contact form

All the love for you

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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