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At the moment there is a lot going on here. Not only that we are in pre-christmas mode. I also have sometimes the feeling to be stuck.

Practically I can only move forward when I let go. This happens all the time, the more we let go, the more we experience change.

Also my Hessonite Hogwart holds me in his "hands", he let's me believe in my magic within me as well as working on it.

For everything else I am planning nothing (anymore). As far as it possible in this time quality. At least doing less and only what makes me happy and then go with the flow.

The last weekend I received an amazing reading. The spirits told me that I have decided to learn more than I already have.

For that I have to tell you what happened during the summer.

While I received a healing treatment, the guy asked me if I am an unborn twin. When we have an unborn twin in our field, we don't feel complete. The experts for this topics could explain it more deeply.

But to be brief: I wanted to know more and also wanted to release this. As an Aries no wonder, is a natural reaction. I found a lady who helped me through the process during a soul journey. She re-connected me with my original plans for this incarnation. At the end my soul told me, that I learned and achieved everything I wanted. What a relief.

Back to this month

The message from my soul this summer gave me relief and helped me to calm down.

But then I was starting to get restless. And this Saturday I received the message that I wanted to learn more, different things.


I am allowed to rest, to meditate, connect with my skullies and plan my development slowly. Which also includes the change of my website as well as my spiritual development. That can more easily happen through rest and meditation and downloads than through new educations.

You see, the daily challenges and the challenges from the soul are not always the same. It is more important what the soul wants and to accept the changes that come from the soul.

To grow and be stronger

That means, I can relax, let happen what is allowed to happen. Is something not finished by the end of 2018 it will be there for me in 2019.

At the end it means: to visit as less activities as possible, to do happy stuff like being creative with baking and crafting. And everything that doesn't work out even when I try it can stay as it is.

That is called Self-care.

For your self-care during this time I recorded a relaxations-meditation (more an initiation) that you receive for free once you subscribed to the newsletter.

For questions or suggestions please comment below or send me a message via the contact form.

All the love

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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