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Welcome to my blog and my life with my crystal skulls

Also I will share my thoughts about the inner child, body-mind-spirit and much more.

But mostly I'll share everything about my crystal skull family.

Also you'll receive Information how to work with your crystal skulls. Feel free to join my newsletter to be up to date about everything that I publish.

My start into the world of crystal skulls

A friend suggested a (German) book from Karin Tag, which described a lot about the crystal skulls and the fall of Atlantis. It also included Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, our connection to her and how we treat her.

After I read this book within 2 days, I was sure: I have been on earth to this time. And my interest on crystal skulls was awakened.

After another friend told me how she received her first crystal skull, I followed these steps and found my first crystal skull, Aaron-Ku-Nah.

Since then he helps me to see things clearer as well as helping others to see their path in life more clearly.

How does it continue?

Over the time there have been a lot of arrivals in this family, all together more than 145 crystal skulls, unicorns, dragons and merlin.

And what I discovered over the time and what adventures I had with my sweathearts.

My wish for you:

My vision is, that you can expand your knowledge about the crystal skulls and that the connection to the crystal skulls will be helpful for your development.

Have fun and enjoy your time here.

Kerstin Ajasha and the Crystal Skulls

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